Label Printing for All Purposes - 101

Custom printing of labels is a desirable way to add a company logo, product information, and other important text to many different items. The list of label possibilities is very long and flexible; many processes are used to produce different types of labels that are designed for use in a variety of ways.

For example, simple ink label printing works well on standard materials like paper, card stock, pre-cut labels and on new materials like static cling plastics. The best choice of label material depends upon ultimate use and function of the label. Sticker printing is another form of business printing many businesses prefer to use. These can be easily attached to products, or they can be designed to be used as a removable coupon, tamper evident label, retail sticker, as well as being used in many other ways. Labels are an important part of business printing, and online printers like are ready to offer a huge variety of options for custom printing. There is a label for every purpose, dry or wet, including freezer or frost fix labels, permanent, peelable, high tack or static cling. Some need to be laminated against the elements, and others must be removable. Piggyback labels are constructed of multiple layers, and they can have text on each layer. Smart labels can be read by using RFID radio frequency chips. Many important types of sticker printing or custom labels are used for security purposes, or they are made as anti-microbial labels used in medical facilities or labs. Label printing is possible on many materials, including wood, metal, latex, litho, foil, and thermal stock or ribbon. Some of the most popular labels are used for direct mailing jobs, to label envelopes, packaging or mailing tubes. Special labels are designed and colored for use as flammable warning labels and D.O.T. labels. Custom labels can be ordered on standard paper rolls, sheets or individually produced. Use easy design templates at online printing companies to design custom labels and when fast shipping of any quantity is needed. Special color inks can be used, along with coatings for shiny UV gloss or matte surface treatments. Label printing is commonly ordered and used indoors and outdoors, on clothing, vehicles, products, pharmaceuticals, construction materials and machinery. The potential for label production and use is virtually endless and affordable.

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