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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    Jun 18, 2011 Clap 2211 ViewCopy Link

    Importance Of Business Cards

    Importance Of Business Cards

    Even in an increasingly paperless world, printed business cards are an important part of any businessperson’s success. The right card designed by business printing professionals who know about paper quality and font choices, among other things, makes a powerful positive impression about a person and the company he or she represents.

    Print cards are just as valuable today as they were in past years despite the business world’s move to electronic communication. A high-quality, carefully designed printed card left with a secretary still makes a solid first impression. Handing out print cards at a cocktail party is still done regularly too. Choosing the right professional printing company ( is a perfect example) to print your business cards can mean the difference between a card that leaves a positive impression and one that lowers your standing in the eyes of a potentially valuable contact. For a company that is serious about its business, printing cards on an inkjet printer or relying on a plain card from a discount printing company down the street simply isn’t good enough in a competitive business environment. Choosing the right card printing company is a more important decision than many busy executives realize. Businesses that want to portray a professional image should place their business printing needs in the hands of an experienced, dependable company. Industry standards dictate paper qualities and font combinations that make the best business cards. Companies that have their card printing done by firms focused exclusively on low prices are likely to be disappointed when standards are disregarded. Because of the impression it leaves, an inferior card is worse than none at all. Today, business cards travel broader than ever before. You card could travel across the country while you’re enjoying a few days off. A card handed to a young account representative at a party in Las Vegas last week may travel with her to a meeting with her vice president in New York. When conversation turns to something in which your company specializes, she could remember the card and pass it on. Do you want a decision maker’s first impression of you to be of someone who looks for bargains or someone who looks for quality? When you examine at your company’s big picture, card printing and production costs are among your lowest expenses anyway, so why pinch pennies on something that has the potential to say so much?

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