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    How Unique Spot UV Business Cards Can Help Your Business Stand Out

    How Unique Spot UV Business Cards Can Help Your Business Stand Out

    It is no doubt that everything that we do, we do with an intention to get a result. This means that we need to make a worthwhile effort in order to get good results. This includes print materials, and business cards to be specific. If you have seen the need of getting business cards for your business or brand, it means you understand the importance of having something unique like spot UV business cards. You also realize how much you stand to gain from them as far as conversions and growth go. For this reason, join me as I tell you how spot UV business cards can help your imagery stand out. If this is a new term to you and you would like to know what is a raised spot UV business card, let me explain it to you. It is a business card printed with a technology that imparts gloss on a selected area of the card while also raising it a few micrometers above the surface of the business card.

    Tactile Feature Using Raised Spot UV Business Cards

    When you hold a business card in your hands, you get to experience its texture. Most business cards are plain and offer nothing extra besides graphics and text. When you introduce a texture and raised areas on your business cards, this encourages the recipient to have a second look. It leaves a lasting impression that makes sure your business cards are a cut above the rest. You need to make sure though that you work with a designer who will help you get a great piece and maximize on the graphics you use. A professional will help you realize your design because they will be able advice on what areas of your graphic to raise. They will help you come up with graphics if you don't already have some and will alter the one you have so that it works for your purpose. The extra cost it will be to hire a professional will be a one-off expense, and it will be worth every cent to get the perfect design. How Unique Spot UV Business Cards Can Help Your Business Stand Out Source

    Some Instances Where You Can Use Raised Spot UV Business Cards

    As much as it's a great idea to use, it is obvious that some careers and fields stand to gain more from using it. Flashy industries and aesthetic businesses will look great represented by raised spot UV business card printing. Let us look at a few of the people who would benefit from raised spot UV, and how they could use it below:

    -Salonist's Spot UV Business Cards

    Salons are associated with flash and glamor. Following this, it would be really easy to think of a few ways to use raised spot UV business cards to market your salon. You may, for instance, use a graphic of a head of hair with different colors to indicate a dye-job. This is a service that most salons offer so one would understand what the business card is for even before they read the writings on it.

    -A baker

    Bakers are great for having lots of creative options when it comes to their marketing materials and raised spot UV business cards are just another opportunity. Think of a plain white business card with the graphic of a delicious-looking muffin in raised spot UV. Irresistible, right?

    -A kindergarten teacher

    Kids just love colors and gloss and as such the two are generally associated with each other. Handing a business card with your name written in raised spot UV in handwriting font and pretty colors will pass the message across. You will strike a chord with parents who will find it believable that you are very invested in what you do.

    -Toy store owner's Spot UV Business Cards

    This is another field that has a lot to gain from the use of raised spot UV business cards. Having a colorful logo is automatic in this field and using this technology on your business cards is bound to make things more fun and fitting. How Unique Spot UV Business Cards Can Help Your Business Stand Out Source

    -Fashionable clothes store owner

    In the fashion and design industry, you really ought to pull out all the stops. I would personally find the graphic of a pretty and colorful dress, and use this as the main image. In order for it to stand out, I would have the rest of the business card be a pastel color. With the writing in plain black lettering, the dress design would really pop. I would be sure to match my marketing efforts with great designs and quality fabric then sit back and let my awesome custom business cards do the walking for me!

    -A jeweler

    Just picture a decadent glistening diamond in raised spot UV on a rich black background. It would be a sight to behold and you know that it would bring great conversions. The luxury of such a business card would pique the interest of would-be customers who are in search of quality.

    -Photographer's Spot UV Business Cards

    This is a field with so many great options of fancy business cards and raised spot UV is a great one to take. Anything ranging from a beautiful sunset or an elegant wedding gown, to a gorgeous landscape would make do. This would be dictated by the specific niche that your photography is for and would help prospective customers pick you out from the crowd. The few examples above should give you some motivation if you were considering getting some awesome business cards. It is important to note that marketers found out in January of 2020 that a simple logo that takes up less than 25% of the business cards’ space is the most ideal. Give this some consideration as you set out getting your lovely raised spot UV business cards and you will love the outcome!