How to Use the Best & Basic Photoshop Tools for Beginners [Video Tutorials]

There’s no doubt Photoshop has become the ultimate photo editor and design software for professionals and amateurs. Its multiple features and friendly interface makes it attractive for beginners and photography enthusiasts. We all have heard things like “that model in the picture is so Photoshopped!” or “that landscape looks so fake, they obviously Photoshopped it”. And it’s true, the software has gained a negative reputation due to some abuses. But it doesn’t have to be so bad. You can use it to make subtle improvements to your photos or create fun designs. The Adobe Photoshop CS6 focuses on performance. All Photoshop tools work faster, so you can have fun trying them out. We have found some tutorials for you to learn the basic Photoshop tools. Let the creativity out and enjoy your creations! This first tutorial is really good if you’re a beginner. It has a rundown of the icons and basic Photoshop tools. It’ll help you familiarize with the interface. So if you don’t know what the Magic Wand or Quick Selection Tool are yet, don’t worry, it will all make sense in a minute!

The next PSD tutorial shows you how to draw neon lights around your picture. It’s a really cool effect to add some movement and strength to a photo.

The next tutorial shows you how to change the skin tone in a picture using the Quick Mask tool. You can basically select the specific area you want to work on, without altering the rest. Changing eye color is always a popular effect on pictures. The best part is that is not too complicated to do. Follow this next tutorial to make eyes look more natural, shinier or go over the top with really intense colors. The next video is very complete. It goes over the Top 10 things beginners want to learn to do with Photoshop CS6. It’ll show you how to eliminate skin blemishes, work with layers to avoid altering the original image, remove elements and place them on a different spot and change backgrounds. There you go! Remember that Photoshop is a tool to help you create what your imagination wants. Make your pictures have a professional look or have fun designing customizable prints. Are there any other effects you would like to learn? Or have other topics we could learn from? Make sure to comment below and let us know.

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