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    How To Design Your Own Calendar Like a Boss -or a Pro!

    How To Design Your Own Calendar Like a Boss -or a Pro!
    With the holiday full in, most of us are already making plans for next year, buying presents for our loved ones and thinking of our new year’s resolutions. But we’re also thinking of new ways to promote our businesses and ourselves. A great souvenir or present we can give to clients, potential customers or even family members – if you’d like to give them something personalized – is a professional calendar design. You can make your own calendar in many different ways and even make it a decorative piece for anyone to put on their offices or living rooms. A great calendar design should be functional and useful in order to past the test of time and you can even make it a great piece of art. But how exactly can you make your own calendar from scratch and make it look pro?

    How to Make A Calendar Like a Pro

    There are many ways for this to happen, for example you can start by downloading a PSD calendar template and adding personal touches to it, or if you’d like to make your own design with illustrations, projects or a theme, try using this site to create only the calendar shape and numbers and you can put the rest of the design yourself.

    Stand Out with A Different Calendar for Business or Personal Purposes

    If you want your DIY calendar to be functional and different from the rest of the conventional designs, you can try different printing ideas such as making a set of refrigerator magnets one for each month of the year, you can also use dry erase vinyl to print your calendars so people can mark important dates or commitments in it and erase them later, keeping the design intact. Dry-Erase-Vinyl-Calendar Another more stylish presentation could be using our ultra-thick paper stock for a more lasting calendar printing and use a theme for each month of the year, such as a valentine theme for February, Passover and/or Holly week, spring break, Christmas to name a few. After your design and printing process is finished you can look for something to hold your templates together such as wooden base, clear plastic or even a picture holder.

    mouse pad calendar printing

    Using the back of your business card is a another great way to promote you and your business and making sure people won’t toss it away. Promotional items such as custom printed mugs or holiday themed puzzles can help you getting your name out there and also serve as a decorative piece.

    Try this holidays to give your designs a different use, at the same time people will have an item at home with your business’ name printed and your contact information. Are you planning on using any of these ideas or do you have something else in mind for your calendars this year? Let us know, we’d love to see your designs!