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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    Sep 21, 2013 Clap 2190 ViewCopy Link

    How to Design Corporate Brochures that Stand Out

    How to Design Corporate Brochures that Stand Out

    Let me begin by saying “don’t underestimate the value of a great brochure”. You can’t rely on the kindness of happy customers alone to send you new clients. A very effective method of getting your desired target customer to consider working with you is by putting together a corporate brochure design that stops them in their tracks. Forming a concise message and gathering all the elements takes time and attention to detail. howtodesign Before you begin creating your corporate brochure, take into consideration some helpful guidelines to consider first. Here they are: 1. It’s not a popularity contest! You aren’t running for high school student body president; don’t make it a brag fest. Your corporate brochure should contain a brief bio about your company’s past, present and your road to the future, but no more. Although you should be proud of your accomplishments, you don’t want to bore potential customers with a trip down ego lane. 2. Customer First! Above all else, your brochure is about putting the needs and wants of the customer first. Let them know that you are aware of the problems they face. Discuss the reasons they need your services and the solutions you and only you can provide them. Use language that conveys confidence and an extensive knowledge of their industry. 3. Educate! Use your brochure to educate prospective clients. Don’t just talk to them about the problems they have, take time to inform them how you can assist them in implementing the solutions and use past customers to drive the point home. Present the questions customers may have and answer them with certainty. 4. Make it bold! Your company brochure layout should tell a story. Use captivating headlines, something most businesses neglect. Incorporate beautiful images that visually enhance the copy of your brochure. Use vibrant colors and artistic designs. Decide what type of layout you want for your brochure printing; no fold, half fold, tri-fold, z-fold, etc. The end result should be a brochure that positively expresses the core beliefs and professionalism of your company. 5. Sell it! Remember, above all else, your business brochure is a selling tool. While the features of your products and services are important, what you want to emphasize in your brochure are the benefits. Explain the positive effects that your goods and services will have on their company. 6. Call to action! Brochures like any other marketing tool are a means to sell more goods and services and increase profits. Before heading home and calling it a day, remember to add a call to action statement at the end of your brochure. Compel the reader to take the next step and contact you immediately to address their issues and concerns. 7. Dot your “i”s and cross your “t”s. Before sending your brochure off to the printer, be sure to proofread your work. It may seem obvious, but we have all been the recipients of a beautifully designed brochure that was full of spelling and grammar errors. Don’t ruin your company image and professionalism with bad punctuation. howtodesign2 Put these seven helpful guidelines to good use and start your corporate brochure writing today. After all, a company’s growth is due in large part to its staff and the effectiveness of the tools they utilize! We hope this helps, let us know if it does below!