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    How to Break the Mold with Stunning Die-Cut Business Cards

    How to Break the Mold with Stunning Die-Cut Business Cards

    It is no secret by now that business cards are crucial for any serious business owner, especially the unique cards like die-cut business cards. Small business owners especially need to leverage these conversion-drivers. On top of this, a 2017 report from Credit donkey has it that 12% of the business cards that are handed out are preserved. But what exactly do you do when the world is practically saturated with business cards? How to Break the Mold with Stunning Die-Cut Business Cards Cards from bigger companies that can afford fancy finishes and flashy designs? You step out of the forest of regular rectangle and straight edge business cards. Let's talk about how to break the mold with die-cut business cards today. You will see for yourself just how easy it is to do this and be unique!

    What Are Custom Die-Cut Business Cards?

    First of all, what is a die-cut business card? It is a business card whose shape has been cut by a die-cutting machine and is not in the regular shape of a square or a rectangle, or a rectangle with rounded edges. The above definitions should also answer the question: 'how to make die-cut business cards'. Following this, you may have leaf die-cut business cards if you are a florist for instance. The best thing with die-cutting is its versatile and highly customizable nature. Any shape you desire, you can have. This means that you can make business cards that don't even need your designation printed on them for people to know what it is. A cookie-shaped card for instance is pretty self-explanatory, right? This same cookie-shaped business card will stand out from among the other regular-shaped cards advertising something similar.

    Who Can Use Die-Cut Business Cards?

    This is a great question and one with a great answer as well. Anyone can use die-cut business cards. As long as you need a business card, this is a viable option for you. I can think of how great it would be for me to get a t-shirt shaped business card to use for my custom printed t-shirt business. With my information printed like graphics would be printed on a regular t-shirt, they would essentially be miniature t-shirts and give a great impression. Anyone in need of a custom printed t-shirt would know exactly where to go for great pieces. Your die-cut business cards will infuse your personality to a new level. You, therefore, need to make the best use of die-cutting if you choose to go this way, and use a shape that is not close to traditional business card shaped- otherwise what's the point?

    How to Design Die-Cut Business Cards

    This is another great question to ask because it is important to know the right way to do it. The following are a few pointers on what to do, what not to do, and how to get it right! You need to keep the colors to a minimum while designing. Too many colors on a die-cut will look chaotic. The fancy shapes do not need a lot added to them to make your cards stand out. Also, make sure you leave enough room around the edges for your card to be cut. Do not put writing too close to the edges but allow enough room for your margins. You should also carefully plan for the design you want and try making a few sketches of it to see how it will look. If you can also cut this out with a pair of scissors (as long as it's not too complicated) then do so. Get a feel of what it will be like before committing to the cut so to speak. How to Break the Mold with Stunning Die-Cut Business Cards Avoid overly fancy fonts because they are already normally hard to read. Scaled-down to business card size and with die-cutting added to the mix, it is bound to get more illegible. It is advisable as well to experiment with your die-cut shape and design and make sure that the two complement each other instead of competing with each other. Remember also that a thicker card stock will be easier to work with, and will enhance the effect of the unique die-cut trend. It will be pointless to make a great business card that people will look at and immediately spot an improvement that you could have added. Make sure that your graphics are of great resolution so that your cards look crystal clear once printed. Fuzzy images will take the whole effort you made down the drain. Finally, if you go the custom die-cut way, avoid using templates of common designs because as stated above this defeats the whole purpose. Work with a designer if you are unable to design on your own. The cost you pay a designer for their help will translate into you getting awesome masterpieces. Now that you have a few ideas, happy die-cut designing!