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    How Custom Packaging Tape Carries Your Brand Message

    How Custom Packaging Tape Carries Your Brand Message

    How do you want to reach your customers? Today, online business is thriving. Shopping online has become increasingly popular and there are several sellers with similar products. If you want to create a strong impression and leave a mark on your customers, the print packaging tape for brand promotion is a great option to make you stand out in the crowd.

    Don’t let any other competitor overpower your product. Get your packaging tape design printed with 4OVER4.COM. We have the required expertise and skills to help you choose between the 110 and 55 yards packaging tape rolls. We offer these rolls in clear and white polypropylene that makes the packaging fun, interesting, and cool.

    Do you want to know the benefits of custom printed packaging tape? Not only do they create brand recognition when customers receive the package, but also plenty of other added benefits. Keep reading to explore more about the custom packing tape.

    Benefits of Standard Tape Vs. Custom Printed Packaging Tape

    How Custom Packaging Tape Carries Your Brand Message

    Do you want a customized design to symbolize your business and products or do you need a standard tape that will convey vital info about your package’s content? In order to make the right choice, here are the benefits of both the custom printed packaging tape as well as standard tape.

    • Standard Printed Tape

    The standard printed tape identifies the package. It requires distinct handling and storage to keep the products safe while in transit. The standard tapes help the customers to identify the product when it reaches the destination. If the package has tampered, the packaging tape instantly allows you to detect it and save your money.

    • Customized Packaging Tape

    The custom printed packaging tape helps with brand promotion, distinguishes your brand, and increases its visibility. The entire focus is on your brand from the moment a product is packaged in a box or crate until it reaches your customers. The custom tapes not only carry the handling info, but the custom branding on the package also helps effectively to prevent tampering. Any broken printed tape can be easily recognized. You may use any box sizes and use the branded packaging tapes to seal the box.

    One can easily identify your brand box when your package is sealed with the custom printed packaging tape. To get the packaging tapes printed, you may connect with 4OVER4.COM online and customize the tapes according to your specifications. When a package is lost in transit, a branded tape with your brand logo or color can easily identify it.

    Your brand packaging tape design leaves a great impression on your customers. It highlights your professionalism and builds trust in your products. The custom printed packaging tape gives an impression to the customers that you tried your best to protect the product. In this way, your customers’ confidence is strengthened in your products as well as your brand.

    7 Reasons Why You Should Use Printed Packaging Tape



    There are several uses of printed packaging tapes. Why do you think you should use the printed tapes? Whether you use the custom printed packaging tape or the standard tapes, the applications keep varying. Here are 7 reasons why you should use the printed tapes

    1. Traceability

    The custom-built printed packaging tapes can easily enhance the traceability, particularly when it is the food industry. The EC number can be displayed using the printed tapes on the cartons. It helps to easily identify the batch and supplier, helping in traceability.

    2. Professionalism

    Creating a great impression at the beginning of your association with your brand is very important. The custom printed packaging tape displays your brand and creates the best impression at the beginning while you receive a product for the first time.

    3. Branding

    A custom printed packaging tape makes sure that your brand gets visibility. From the time, your package leaves for delivery from your site until it reaches the customers; your brand gets exposure at several places. This increases your brand value. The increasing use of the online ordering and the release of the shipment make your brand stand out when you use the custom printed tapes.

    4. Identification

    It becomes very easy to identify a product when the packaging tapes are printed. The package’s contents can be easily stored, handled, and identified when the tapes are printed. 4OVER4.COM is an online destination for all your printing needs. Whether business cards or customized badge printing or custom printed packaging tape, we have the expertise in all.

    5. Inexpensive Mode of Promotion



    In contrast to the customized print boxes, the branded printed tapes are a more cost-effective way to expose your brand to the people. When you use the custom tapes, it helps you to convey the right brand message and reach the in customers on a larger scale.

    6. Security

    The handling of goods is completely uncertain once it leaves your site. The custom printed packaging tape cannot be accessed by any external factors. It makes it an effective option because if it gets tampered, it can be easily identified.

    7. Reduces Packaging Costs

    When the custom printed packaging tape is used for branding, you don’t have to hold printed packaging or boxes in large stocks. You can use plain boxes that are less expensive and purchase in fewer quantities to save both in storage and money. These customized packaging tapes are especially professional and effective looking for this application.

    Custom Printed Packaging Tape is a Great Form of Advertising

    The more your logo gets exposed through the custom printed packaging tape, the better it is to promote your brand. As the package is handled by several people, it is also get exposed to many potential customers while being delivered. 4OVER4.COM’s customized packaging tape to wonderfoil and personalized stickers are a great way to print your brand in the most cost-effective way while still gaining prominent exposure.

    Do you want your brand to be a popular option amongst several sellers in your niche available in today’s e-commerce world? Opt for the custom printed packaging tapes. These are a valued tool for creating brand awareness as well as building the trust and confidence of the people. Do you want to promote your brand easily without any headaches? Select 4OVER4.COM for all your packaging tape needs.