Honoring Martin Luther King an Infographic

  • BY Emma Davis
  • Jan 19, 2016
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Honoring Martin Luther King an Infographic

“We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools” - said Martin Luther King, Jr. during his passionate “I have a dream” speech. The heroic civil rights leader and Nobel Prize winner for peace left a lasting legacy in American history and around the world. This year would have marked the 87th birthday of Martin Luther King, a boy who would grow up to become a great leader and change the course of history forever. This national holiday pays tribute to his inspirational life and leadership in the civil rights movement. This year, we have honor his work with a timeline of Dr. King’s life to highlight his most significant accomplishments and uplifting quotes. 
 Can you imagine a world without Martin Luther King’s vision? Please share your thoughts and comments below. Feel free to share this infographic as well!