Guide for Label Printing – 084

  • BY Emma Davis
  • Apr 21, 2011
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Guide for Label Printing – 084

With label printing , there are several directions in which to go. You can order custom printing of the entire finished label when the label needs to go on many identical items. Or, order a label that is fully designed, but that you can run through your own laser printer in the office one at a time, or in batches. You can add the individual addresses or label information as required for each product. Either way, for the best, most professional business printing results, order the basic label from your custom printing company. Online business printing is economical, customizable and fast for most print jobs. Label printing, sticker printing, and other custom labeling products are designed for many purposes. Some fully printed labels are coated to withstand freezer temperatures, moisture, or other variations from normal temperatures and humidity. Some labels have self stick backings that make application to cans, bottles, bags or other containers easy. Uncoated labels can be run through your own printer to add individual text, addresses, or other important information.

Custom printing of labels is in demand for many uses. Small breweries, wineries and other beverage manufacturers order custom label printing to fit their local specialty products. Common sizes run from 2’x2” sticker labels to 12”x18” packaging labels. Use colors, images and text combinations creatively to make your products stand out when appropriate. Plan your label designs and sticker printing designs ahead according to label usage. If the label will be placed on a rounded surface, such as a wine bottle, you will want to know how much of the curve can be viewed straight on and design your label to fit that viewing area. Place important information smack in the middle of that viewing surface so it does not get lost in the curves of the shape. There are waterproof inks, papers and coatings for items that may be exposed to moisture, such as frozen foods. Using shrink wrap around a product is another way to protect labeling and products. Ask your online printer if you have questions about needing protective coatings on your labels; they are very experienced with label and sticker printing. Many new companies are producing custom products and all products should be labeled in some manner. Custom labels and stickers are important products for new businesses to have to help their products stand out from others in a display, and for company branding. Be sure to include a company logo on labels or stickers; there is plenty of room on most printed labels. Order online to get fast service for all custom business printing.