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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    Apr 8, 2011 Clap 1910 ViewCopy Link

    Flyer printing - 059

    Flyer printing - 059

    Flyer printing - 059

    Online printing is a quick and convenient way to design flyers for an event or business. This can be easily done on a home computer, but keeping a few rules of thumb in mind will ensure the best results from a custom printing job. An eye-catching picture or graphic is only one design element in flyer printing. Choose the right fonts to make the accompanying text easy to read and reproduce. There are hundreds of different fonts available for flyer printing. It is very tempting to go all out and use five or more lively ones for a custom printing job. However, more is not always better. Use one or two fonts to avoid a cluttered look. Choose a larger font size for the main points of the flyer. Select a smaller size of the same font or another similar one for the main text of the business printing order. Print out a copy of the potential flyer and hang it on the wall. Stand back about six feet to make sure the main headline is easy to read. If it isn’t, select a font size two points larger, print it out, hang it and evaluate the change. Use simple and bold fonts without serifs for the headline. Not only are they easier to read at a distance, they also reproduce well. Smaller fonts with serifs are very readable in the main text portion of the flyer. For the same reason, italics should be avoided. For business printing, simple and basic fonts are easier to read and create more impact more quickly. Color can add impact to fonts used in custom printing. The same font size and color should be used for the headline, the major subheadings in the body of the flyer and calls to action for the customer. Select a different color for the font used in the informational text and bullet points. These few simple tips will allow the creation of a flyer that is both appealing to the eye and easy to understand. Before placing an online printing order, follow these suggestions, print out a couple of test copies and evaluate the results. Simplicity is one of the major components of successful flyers. With a little bit of experimentation and planning at home, an online printing order produces flyers with a minimum of trouble and a maximum of powerful business impact. And remember, visit for the highest quality materials, faster turnaround times and lowest prices on all your printing needs like sticker printing or booklet printing.