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    Table of contents
    • Luxury Business Cards

    • What are luxury business cards?

    • Where to find luxury business cards

    • Where to find luxury die-cut business cards

    • Where to get luxury business cards for real estate

    • What are luxury business cards for?

    • Are luxury business cards still relevant?

    • Why are luxury business cards important?

    • What luxury business cards stand out

    • How luxury business cards are printed

    • Where can I get free business cards?

    • Where can I get luxury business cards like credit cards?

    • Where to get luxury postcards

    • How are luxury greeting cards made

    • Why are luxury greeting cards important

    • Can luxury greeting cards be recycled?

    • What luxury greeting cards sell the most?

    • When to send luxury greeting cards

    • Resources

    Your Guide to Luxury Custom Business Cards, Invitations & More

    Luxury Business Cards

    A little extra sometimes gets things done and this is the case for business cards. As we like to say, they are your foot soldiers or sales agents so you need to make sure they fit the bill. We are going to tell you about luxury business cards so read on to get valuable insights.

    When you need to impress, you have to take that extra step to stand apart from the crowd. Our line of luxury business cards will make sure of this so you can rest easy knowing that your marketing is top-notch. These include business cards with visible luxurious features like diamond glitter business cards. There are also those whose luxury is tactile like ultra-soft touch business cards.

    What are luxury business cards?


    32 point silk laminated luxury business card

    Luxury business cards are business cards that have been made with an extra special touch. The finishing oozes majesty and sophistication and one look at them is enough to tell you they're different.

    In the same way, you would not match a pair of dirty shoes with your business suit, so you cannot match shabby business cards with your exotic business. If you are selling luxury goods, therefore, your business cards have to step up. A Rolex watch dealer would have his name on business cards that truly set him apart. Otherwise, it would be a bit difficult to believe they are worth what they say they are.

    This is the point of luxury business cards- to match your exquisite products. The way you introduce your business to people serves as your first impression. We all know that first impressions last a lifetime so it's important to make yours worth remembering.

    Where to find luxury business cards

    If you're on the market for luxury business cards, you've come to the right place. While you can probably buy ready-made business cards from templates on which your details are added, they won't be fully unique. This then defeats the purpose of getting luxury business cards in the first place. If your classy cruise business has similar cards to a high-end car dealer, for instance, haven't you both played yourselves?

    What we best recommend therefore is having fully custom-made luxury business cards. You get to pick every single detail and make your cards as unique as your business is. If you're not a natural-born designer though, you don't have to worry. We have a team of professional in-house designers who will help you realize a great design. If you are still on the fence about paying for branding or are just starting and want to test the waters, then in this case you should check out our business card templates.

    This should serve as a placeholder because like we said, designing from scratch is what will give you the full benefits of getting luxury business cards.

    A quick online search of where to find luxury business cards will give you several small business options. The ones you settle on should be those who:

    • Offer free online proofing services
    • Have experience in luxury printing
    • Will give services like having designers to guide you and enable you to get the best of what you need
    • Offer great shipping prices
    • Have a sample pack so you can get a feel of their products before you commit
    • Use the latest and most efficient technology to print
    • Have a wide variety from which to choose from

    4OVER4.COM is all of this and a lot more, as you will learn when you check us out. Having been in the printing business since 1999, we know what works and what doesn't. Your batch won't be a test-run for us so rest easy as you are in the hands of experts.

    Where to find luxury die-cut business cards

    Die-cut business cards are one of the most popular business cards around for an obvious reason. With die-cutting you can get a business card in any shape or any size. Combining die-cutting with your luxurious cards will offer something unique to your cards that is not available anywhere else.

    For instance, if you’re in the cosmetic or make-up business you could choose to have lip shaped business cards with red foil stamping to give them that luxe feel. Customers love to interact with businesses that are creative and grab their attention. With any shape die-cut business cards you’ll create the right impression about your business and if you want to be seen as high-end or luxe business then these cards will do just that.


    Die-cut card with red foil shaped like a lip

    Where to get luxury business cards for real estate


    Flipping houses has never been more lucrative than it is right now. And as is the case with most lucrative businesses, competition is steep. If you are selling high-end properties especially, you need to make sure that you announce your services right.



    We have templates as well as designers to help you get the perfect luxury business cards for real estate. These cards will give you an upper hand and a distinct advantage. There are almost endless customization options so you can rest assured that you will get what works perfectly for you.



    Luxury business cards for real estate will act as your representative when you're out of sight. Your cards should inspire prospective clients to call you otherwise you might miss out on a great deal. People want to know that what they're putting their money into is worth it and majestic business cards will help earn their trust.






    Data doesn't lie and a study from the Adobe Blog says that a colored card typically lasts 10x longer than the standard white card. This means that a fancier card has less likelihood of being tossed in the trash even if the recipient doesn't immediately need the service offered. If you're going to get cards for your business, therefore, give them a fighting chance.


    What are luxury business cards for?




    Businessman in luxury business illustration


    Luxury business cards are for anyone who wants to stand out and have an edge. As long as your services or products merit a grand introduction, you can use luxury business cards.



    A few industries that can benefit greatly from our line of luxury business cards include but are not limited to:



    • Social media influencers dealing in high-end products/services
    • Financial and investment experts
    • Real estate agents
    • High-end car dealerships
    • Yacht dealerships
    • Cruise ship dealers
    • Tours and safaris
    • Luxury camping or glamping
    • Luxury events planners
    • Wedding outfitters
    • Exotic restaurants
    • Caviar and other luxury food items stockists
    • Champagne makers, sellers, and resellers
    • High-end boutiques
    • Custom scents and perfume dealers
    • Expensive wines and spirits dealers
    • Custom watchmakers
    • Jewelry and unique accessories dealers
    • Anyone dealing in exclusive products and services targeted at high-income earners



    There are many more people who can make use of luxury business cards. If you know that you are giving worthwhile products and services, sell them right. Don't leave anything to chance because data from smallbusiness rainmaker says that 72% of people judge your company by your business card.


    Are luxury business cards still relevant?

    Luxury business cards are very relevant now- perhaps even more than ever before. This is because at this time, there are so many people and businesses, and it's a bit harder to stand out.

    As many as 63% of people tend to throw out business cards if they don't need the service at the time, but a pretty card will be harder to throw out. When you hand a luxury business card to a prospective client they are bound to feel guilty about throwing it out even if they feel they won't need your services or products.

    Take time to learn the importance of getting business cards before your next trade show.

    Why are luxury business cards important?





    Luxury business cards are important for anyone who wants to give their business a distinct advantage. Data from the Adobe Blog says that the number of sales increases by 2.5% for every 2000 cards that get passed out. It would be reasonable to assume that luxury business cards would have a bigger impact on their recipients.



    I know I would be very likely to call bespoke furniture dealers whose representative or owner handed me a luxury business card. If they gave me a business card that looked plain and cheap, I would have my reservations on the quality of their stock. After all, the statistic brain research institute says that 39% of people won’t do business with you if your card is cheap-looking.



    It seems like a small item,a huge but it makes a very big difference in your marketing efforts. You never get a second chance to make a first impression so give it your best shot and get it right the first time. Luxury business cards will see to it that you make the most of your business card exchanges.


    What luxury business cards stand out

    Since there are quite several luxury business cards out there, it follows that some stand out more than others.

    We wrote about the 5 best materials and finishes for luxury business cards so you can make a great comparison for yourself.

    Following is a brief outline of a few out of our extensive range of majestic business cards:

    Silk Laminated Business Cards


    Silk laminated luxury business cards

    These come in either 32pt or 48pt and are available in four sizes, you can get them from a minimum order of 250 cards. Silk laminated business cards are especially perfect for luxury business cards and we’ve shared some of the best finishes to incorporate with this type of business card.

    Velvet Laminated Business Cards


    Luxury velvet business card

    Similar to silk laminated business cards, they come in two paper gauges and four size options. The feel is different and unique and there is more information on them here.

    Edge Gilded Business Cards


    Lawyer’s shiny gilded edge luxury business card

    These feature a shiny gilded edge that gives an impression of your cards being metallic. They stand out whether in a batch or individually so you win either way when you order them here.

    Metallic foil business cards


    Metallic foil luxury business card

    If you are big on tactile feedback, these are guaranteed to provide it. At three times the width of regular business cards there is no doubt they will leave a sizable impression. Metallic foil business cards give a classy and elegant feel to your branding which suits perfectly within the purview of luxury brands.

    Raised UV Spot Business Cards


    Raised UV spot luxury business card

    These have the perfect mix of shiny gloss and matt. The raised spot is what is UV laminated and it makes the logo, name, or graphic stand out. You can therefore brand easily and effectively with raised UV spot business cards.

    Metallic Pearl Business Cards


    Ultra thick metallic pearl business card

    These will be sure to turn heads. Shiny and sophisticated yet subtle and settled, consider going with metallic pearl business cards for that extra fancy look.

    Diamond Glitter Business Cards


    Diamond glitter luxury business cards

    If you love glitter but hate the shedding then take a look at shed free glitter business cards. Our modern printing technology makes sure that the glitter stays where you want it- on your card!

    How luxury business cards are printed


    As there are different luxury business cards around, it follows that some are printed differently from others.



    Silk laminated business cards are made by coating the layer of paper stock that will make the business cards with a light layer of plastic. This results in a uniform, smooth texture that is similar to smooth silk fabric and gives a great tactile experience to anyone who touches it.



    Velvet laminated business cards are made by coating the card stock with velvet film. Besides giving your design a pretty matted effect, the velvet film also makes the card smooth and scratch-resistant.



    Edge gilded business cards are available from a minimum of 250 cards and three different sizes with the option of either silk or velvet lamination. They are made by applying a lavish metallic edge on the finished cards. When stacked up, they look like a bunch of thin metallic sheets and are very alluring. Singly, they also stand out from other cards because of their striking metallic edge.



    Fat foil business cards are extraordinary, sturdy, and impressive at 3 times the thickness of regular cards. They're made by compressing multiple layers of premium, superfine paper, and the final result is a card that you cannot miss.



    Raised UV spot business cards are made by using thermography to create smooth, glossy raised areas that beautifully contrast with the soft touch, suede feel of the paper stock. These glossy areas are raised by up to 50 microns so you can feel the texture. The tactile experience makes for difficult to ignore business cards.



    Diamond glitter business cards are the world's only printable glitter paper. These business cards have a striking appearance as well as a mildly textured surface. Our proprietary production process eliminates glitter flake shedding and cracking of the card. You therefore get:



    • 100% Shed-Free Glitter Surface
    • 100% Ink Adhesion
    • 100% Crack-Free Folding Capabilities
    • Photo Quality Printing
    • Print any Glitter Color You Want!
    • Custom print projects such as Catalog Covers, Display Wraps, Belly Bands, Custom Packaging, Annual Reports, Brochures and so much more.



    Ultra-thick metallic pearl business cards are made with a luminous surface coating the business cards and letting your graphics and lettering show through it. This pearlescent shimmer gives your brand a truly unforgettable glow.



    Our Ultra-Thick Metallic Pearl Business Cards offer you:



    • Ultra-Thick 26-Point Metallic Pearl quality card stock
    • Full-color printing on one or both sides for maximum space efficiency s
    • 3 standard business card sizes or any custom size you want
    • Low minimum of 50 units


    Who makes luxury business cards?


    There are two main companies that make luxury business cards; MOO printing and 4OVER4. Moo printing is known for printing elaborate cards by their partner designers whereas 4OVER4 prides itself for having the widest range of finishes and free templates for their business cards commonly referred to as majestic business cards.


    Over twenty years of experience means that we know our stuff really well as we mentioned before. Our knowledge goes beyond just designing. We also know the best printers for the different projects we get and how to deliver perfection each time. We understand that different card stocks will yield different results and so we factor for this whenever we are advising our clients on what to get.

    Can luxury business cards be recycled?


    Illustration of young people collecting materials for recycling


    Environmentally conscious people will be happy to know that they can get recyclable luxury business cards. For example, our diamond glitter business cards are made with environmentally friendly water-based glues that allow the glitter particles to be released from the base paper. This means that up to 90% of the pulp can be recovered.


    For our Pearl collection, you may find FSC Certified, recyclable, biodegradable, acid-free, and elemental chlorine-free paper options for your project. If you want to make double sure or have specific expectations, just go to a custom project and request exactly what you want.

    Can luxury business cards have a QR code?


    Business card with QR code


    Luxury business cards can have a QR code and thus become even more valuable. The digital age that we are living in calls for added innovation in everything we do. At 4OVER4.COM, we understand this and that is why we make sure to provide the very best.


    Whether it is a metallic pearl, diamond glitter, or even raised spot UV with a silk-finish, we can incorporate a QR code that leads people to the landing page of your website. Just prepare your design and take advantage of the fact that you can print on both sides of the business cards. Decide on the luxury finish that you would like your business cards to have and speak to our team of design experts. Work together to get a masterpiece that will drive conversions for your brand like never before.

    Where can I get free business cards?

    Let's start by stating that currently, our free business cards offer is back bigger and better. With 500 4OVER4 coins you can get free business card templates, 200 free business cards and free shipping! There are 10 easy ways to earn coins such as sharing our link on social media, reviewing us on our site, Google, Trustpilot and Yelp.

    For this offer, we print the 4OVER4.COM logo on the back of the business cards. A quick query with our design team will guide you through the process and show you how non-invasive the branding is.

    There is also a limit of one order of business cards per account. This helps make sure that as many people as possible can benefit from the free business cards and have a feel of our quality. Our free business cards page has all the information that you need and yes; our free business cards are free and there is no hidden cost that we don't disclose from the onset.

    A few differences exist between our free business cards and our regular business cards though. They are outlined below:

    - Our free business cards have fewer options in terms of design. You can pick either a 14pt gloss or a 14pt uncoated cover. This is in comparison to our regular business cards which have a whopping 60 different paper types to choose from.

    - Another difference to note is that the free business cards will come in the standard size of 2" by 3.5" while for regular cards, you may have them in any custom size you like.

    - The free business cards can only have straight edges and no rounded corners, while the regular business cards may have rounded corners if you like.

    - Finally, our free business cards come with our company logo printed at the back as earlier mentioned. Our regular cards, on the other hand, come with full-color printing on both sides which is fully customizable to include your colors and logo or leave bare if you so choose.

    A few pointers for designing great luxury business cards

    -Keep it simple because, in design, less is more. Don't put many words and graphics on the small space you have on your business card. You will make a better impression with a simple card that has professional details and a striking finish.

    -Create a unique and attention-grabbing design to show your best selling point. Ask a few close and honest people for their views on your design before taking the plunge and printing.

    -Include a catchy tagline or your mission statement. As long as it is short and sweet, it will pack a punch. If you make it too long it will not only crowd your business card but will also lose the reader's interest.

    -Don't leave out any contact details that stand to help people learn more about your business. Your phone number is the most important detail followed by your website URL. Also, add your social media handles and finally your address. Depending on the space you have available on your card, use this hierarchy to help you know what you can leave out: Phone number at the top, followed by website, then socials, and finally address.

    -Be consistent with your brand. Make sure the colors, fonts, and graphics that represent your brand appear all through. Don't take the risk of confusing your potential clients as they see one line of branding on your physical space or products that is different from that on your business cards and other marketing materials.

    -Play with font sizes to break up the text and ease up on monotony. Don't use more than two different fonts though because this will create chaos and disorder in your design. You may use larger or block fonts for your name and logo then use smaller fonts for details like your address, phone number, and slogan.

    Which options are right for your luxury business cards?

    If you're considering getting luxury business cards, then it's a good idea to first of all think of your logo or brand and how you want it all to look. Since there are different finishes and designs, one may indeed look better than the other.

    For a hand-made item maker's luxury business cards, for instance, it would be great to get a finish like a raised UV spot over the logo. Metallic pearl would also look nice but the muted matte effect of velvet on the areas without the raised spot UV seems like it would be more at home for hand-made luxury items. Such items include sterling silver necklaces and earrings or silk scarves and headgear. Our article about 10 Amazing girly boutique business cards for shop owners outlines some great instances and ideas of using luxury business cards.

    If your industry is one in which a powerful card would work, then think along the lines of velvet finish business cards. The rich softness and lack of shine would work to portray powerful simplicity and confidence.

    A professional designer would be well placed to help you figure out what you should settle for. Enlist the help of one or do a case study to see what similar industries are using. Better yet, listen to your brand or logo and work backward; using them as the starting point for your design. Look around for what will be most flattering as the backdrop of your brand colors and go for that.

    Where can I get luxury business cards like credit cards?


    Something unique is always a great idea. Sometimes though, it gets a bit hard to get unique if it is too niche. In the case of luxury business cards like credit cards, some of our majestic luxury cards come in custom sizes of 32pt or 48pt thickness.



    If you would like the tough paper stock of a credit card, we can make it happen as well. We have plenty of plastic options that can be made into business cards with a luxurious finish. They also come in a wide range of sizes and the thickness will also depend on what you would like.



    If the drop-down suggestions don't contain what you need, you can always click on the 'custom' link to get in touch with an expert who will guide you. We are confident that in this way, you will get what you want in a jiffy!



    Luxury Postcards



    There is no denying that sending postcards is a good way for any business to promote and market its products. With every business interested in capturing the attention of customers, standing out is key. Luxury postcards show elegance and are perfect for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and part of packaging essentials for luxury products.



    As per Maggin Megan, there are several reasons to send postcards. This goes to show postcards are relevant but how you address them and package them is what will set your postcards apart from the pile.



    How to write a luxury postcard


    Writing a luxury postcard is definitely not rocket science but should be done with care. The last thing you want is to have really nice looking postcards coming off as tacky because of careless mistakes.


    One way to write a luxurious postcard is by having an attention-grabbing headline. Headlines determine whether people will read the rest of your postcard or not. Your headline should be bold and straight to the point. It should be a highlight of what you want you to plan on talking about in the postcard. You can use a funny headline to spike attention immediately.

    Consider the recipient’s likes and dislikes and use simple language to show that you know them personally. If you need help writing something beautiful and heartwarming, consider hiring a copywriter.


    Luxury Postcard


    Another way to make a postcard luxurious is by using neat and customized graphics. Select good quality visuals. Blurry visuals are a no go zone if you want your postcards to be aesthetically pleasing. Go all out with your visuals. You can search for fantastic images on sites like Creative Corner to get visuals that will leave a lingering impression on the recipient.


    The third way to do it is by adding your contact information. What is the purpose of sending out a postcard if the recipients can’t contact you back? It’s pointless. Have your contact information well displayed on the postcard including even your business location.


    Have a great customized message. If possible make the message brief and straight to the point. Customers don’t have time to read through long paragraphs. Save them time by making your message brief and comprehensive. Just write what’s necessary and leave out the rest.


    How to address a luxury postcard


    Blank postcard

    • Always use the back of the postcard to write your recipient’s address. The front of the postcard should be strictly about your business because that is the first thing that customers see. The back of it should strictly be about the address of the receiver.
    • Add the date. Just like any other card, the date is important. You can write it on the top right or left corner of the postcard.
    • Handwrite your message. You can write a great and friendly message on the back. It doesn’t have to be a long message. It can be a joke or just wishing them happy holidays. Ensure you use the best handwriting or get someone to write it for you. It makes the recipients feel more valued and appreciated.
    • Address the recipient on the left side. Write your crafty message on the left-hand side and use a friendly tone. This also depends on the relationship you have with your clients but it’s best to use a language that reflects well on your business.
    • Add your sign. Use simple language to close off. It can be a simple goodbye or an appreciation message. Whichever message you choose, it should be heartfelt and conclusive.
    • Stamp your postcards. Stamps add credibility to cards. It helps show the recipient that the card is genuine. Make sure your stamp is well customized to give the postcard a luxurious feel.

    When should you send luxury postcards?


    There are many instances when you can send luxurious postcards.

    You can send luxurious postcards when you want to announce a sale or event you might be having. It is a good way to relay your information and let people know when you are having a sale so that they can make a point of showing up.


    Luxury postcards can be used to let people know of any changes you might be having. You have to make an effort to spread information about any changes in your business. If you have new services or products you are offering, or even announcing a change of location of your business, luxury postcards are the best to use to send the message home.


    You can send luxury postcards when you want to build a strong connection with your customers. You can send them just to check up on customers or just wishing them happy holidays or birthdays. They are a great way to build a bond with customers and make them feel appreciated.

    Where to get luxury postcards


    Luxury postcards can be found in many places. Print companies like 4OVER4 have over 20 years experience in the print industry and you can rely on them to get high-quality postcards including in any die-cut shape . They have a variety of postcards that can be customized as per customers’ liking.



    Other companies like Vistaprint, Shutterfly, Snapfish also have postcards. You can similarly get personalized postcards on sites like Etsy.



    Luxury Greeting Cards



    The Spruce gave 29 occasions when people should give out greeting cards . They have divided them into three groups: sentiments, celebrations, and holidays.


    Luxury Greeting Card

    How are luxury greeting cards made


    According to Britannica, modern greeting cards can be made of cardboard, cloth, leather, celluloid, vellum, wood, clay, among many others. The size can be customized to someone’s liking.


    In great companies like 4OVER4, luxury greeting cards can be made from a variety of materials.The materials include:


    • Recyclable kraft material.
    • Silk laminated paper.
    • Gloss laminated paper.
    • Velvet laminated paper.
    • Soft velvet laminated paper.


    Which luxury greeting cards are made in the US?

    There are various greeting cards in the US made by different companies.

    There are majestic greeting cards. The cards are either foil embossed or debossed. They are sophisticated and chic and a sure way to leave a lasting impression on people.

    There are holiday seasons greetings cards that are sent during the holidays.

    There are kraft greeting cards. These cards scream luxury as they are eco friendly. In a world where everyone wants to save the environment, these greeting cards are what is needed.

    Raised foil greeting cards are an ideal choice. They are shiny and attractive and are best sent during the holidays or on special occasions. They are scuff-resistant and made from a soft velvet material.

    Raised spot UV greeting cards are also luxurious and look rich. They are show stoppers and stand out from any other card. They can be used for all business purposes as they are a game-changer.

    3D lenticular greeting cards are what you need to move from basic to luxury. To start, these cards are rare and show that a business has put effort into its cards. All customers notice when a business goes an extra mile for them. It makes its recipients feel valued. The motion effect on them goes a long way in maintaining the attention of the customer. These cards are suitable for all types of businesses.

    There are various luxury greeting cards in the US and you can get them customized to suit the intended occasion and recipient.

    Why are luxury greeting cards important

    Luxury greeting cards express love and allow people to connect at a deeper level. Imagine receiving a card from a business or just a family member that is all about checking on you. It’s rare especially in the times we are living in as everyone is so busy but once you get the card you will feel valued and appreciated.

    Luxury greeting cards will increase your customers’ loyalty to you. A business that is caring enough to send its customers fancy greeting cards is a business that the customers will forever want to associate with. It shows that the business does not just send cards for the sake of it but rather value its customers enough to send out well customized and attractive cards.

    Luxury greeting cards will establish you as a leader. Think of it this way, there is a business that is known for sending or having luxurious products. The fact that it’s known for this automatically makes it a leader in all things luxurious. So if your business is known for sending luxurious greeting cards then you will be associated with it. Which is a big win!

    Luxury greeting cards will reflect your business products or services as fancy and up to per. When customers receive the cards, they will instantly think of your products as being as great as the cards. The cards will market and sell your products well.

    People feel thought of and appreciated when they receive greeting cards.

    Can luxury greeting cards be recycled?

    Would greeting cards even be luxurious if some of them are not recyclable? We don’t think so. We are all about saving the environment and that is why we have kraft greeting cards.

    These cards are 100% recyclable. They are elegant, raw, and natural.

    We’ve been certified since 2008 and our certification process ensures that the paper used at 4OVER4 was manufactured from wood harvested from well-managed forests. These cards are perfect for showcasing your business as elegant and at the same time saving the environment.

    What luxury greeting cards sell the most?


    Well...people enjoy luxurious greeting cards and if I am being honest, I am yet to meet a luxurious greeting card that does not sell. However, here are the best sellers.



    Kraft Greeting Cards



    These cards are loved by many people especially those who are conscious about the environment and making the world a better place.





    Luxurious Kraft Greeting Card


    The cards are 100% recyclable and make quite the impression since not many businesses think of using them.



    3D Greeting Cards



    These cards are modern and trendy. Their motion effect captures and retains the attention of its recipients.





    Luxury 3D Lenticular Greeting Card


    The best part is that instead of the usual one picture that you use on average greeting cards, with 3D lenticular cards you can use up to 4 meaning you are spoilt for choice. It is a sure way to dazzle customers.



    Raised Spot UV Greeting Cards



    These are quickly becoming people’s favorites. It wins hearts due to its delicate velvet feel contrasting with the glossy spot UV combined with the relief effect, making these prints a one of a kind visual and tactile experience.





    Luxurious Raised Spot UV Greeting Cards


    Nothing says high-end and classy like raised spot UV black on black greeting cards. The elegance of these cards is on another level and would impress anyone who has the honor of receiving them..



    Raised Foil Greeting Cards



    Perfection is literally in raised foil greeting cards. You can feel the foil as you run your fingers over the card. We add a 19mil of raised foil in silver or gold that makes the print durable and extra resistant. They sell most due to their durability and how gentle the foil feels on hands.





    Luxurious Raised Foil Greeting Cards


    Extreme Custom Greeting Cards



    Extreme Custom greeting cards are either foil embossed or debossed. They are what we call charming and delightful. They are revolutionary and add luxury to even the most boring season to stay in the memories of your recipients for a long time. They’re a perfect yet simple way to elevate your cards and will likely win the recipients’ hearts.





    Luxury Extreme Greeting Card


    When to send luxury greeting cards

    According to Postable, there are 67 common and unexpected reasons to send a greeting card.

    Let’s look at some of them

    Birthdays and graduations

    If you keep a list of your clients with all their information including their birthdays, then send them fantastic greeting cards to show that you remembered their big day. Just think about it, what do you look forward to more. An e-card or a greeting card on your mailbox? I’m sure you prefer a beautiful card in your postal address. It’s little things like this that help you remain engraved in their hearts and stay top-of-mind.

    If one of your loyal customers just graduated then why not send them a lovely greeting card to congratulate them?

    Holiday season

    The holidays are a good time to send out greeting cards. It doesn’t have to be a big holiday like Christmas, even the simple holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Columbus Day, Easter, Labor Day, and so on deserve a thoughtful and beautiful luxury greeting card..

    When you have a sale coming up

    If you have a big sale and want to attract more people and especially alert your loyal customers then send them a luxurious greeting card. This is a sure way to pass the word around and make people turn up in huge numbers.

    Just checking up on people

    Sometimes it’s good to not make the card about you rather make it about your recipients. Just send them a card asking them how they are fairing and wish them luck in their endeavors. This is not common practice which makes it a sure way to make your business stand out.

    New job

    If a colleague is starting a new job somewhere else then sending them a fancy greeting card will go a long way to show you are proud of their efforts and wish them the very best. A simple message like this in your card will make them feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    • Your work ethic and positive attitude have been an asset to this team and will take you far in your new venture. Congratulations!

    For a friend or family member you could say:

    • It makes me so happy to watch you chase your dreams (and catch them)! Congratulations on your new job!


    Ruby Newell-Legner’s book, Understanding Customers, tells us that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. In case you messed up your relationship with a customer or loved one, sending them a luxurious greeting card with a sincere apology will make it easier for them to bury the hatchet and put a smile on their face. People notice when significant efforts have been made to make amends and a luxury card will most likely make them take notice.

    Thank you

    Greeting cards are a good way of saying thank you to everybody who has been supporting you. Whether you want to appreciate your bridesmaids and groomsmen or even your wedding guests, make sure you complete the ceremony with a luxurious greeting card instead of sending an email or text message alone. Be intentional about going the extra mile.

    In Conclusion

    To remain relevant, you have to up your business card, postcard and greeting cards game. Don’t go for the basic style, rather get your customers or prospects interested and charm your way into their hearts with luxury prints.

    You certainly do not need to rob the bank to go the luxurious prints route. You can get good quality cards at an affordable price especially when buying in bulk. Sending out unique cards are definitely worth the investment as you stand to gain much more on ROI.

    With 2 decades in the printing business, we take perfection seriously and we never hesitate to do what needs to be done to get things going. Because our luxury business card variety is the very best. We would love for you to have a feel of them and see what they can do for your brand. Simply request a free sample pack.

    Experience perfection by placing an order for any of our majestic luxury business cards today. Work hand in hand with our team of design professionals and get exactly what you want. You are assured of quality and great customer service so give it a go.


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