Envelope Printing for Business Use – 083

When printing business envelopes, it is important to remember that this is also a communication vehicle, and often will create a “first impression” with your client or customers. As such, it is important that the envelope printing is done carefully and presents a good business image. Any deviation from a standard business look will impact the respect and seriousness with which your customer will hold toward your business in general. Envelope printing is one area where a printing company and custom printing orders go hand-in-hand. If you turn toward online printing services for your custom orders, you will discover that the entire process is very simple. Online print layouts are provided, so it is near to impossible to make a critical error in designing your business envelopes. Most envelopes are white, but colors have their advantage for making a mailer stand out from other mail. A good portion of printing business is geared towards basics, like envelopes, letterhead and envelopes. A standard business envelope for regular correspondence is essential, and these are usually the standard #10 business envelope that is 9.5" x 4.125" in size. Other common sizes are the #9, A2, 6”x9”, large mailing envelopes, window envelopes and catalog mailing envelopes. When ordering printing online , the printing business will have all details for printing with corresponding layout drawings, so your decisions are made quite simple. Be sure to have the important return address in the upper left corner, printed with a clean font like Helvetica or Arial. Using a window envelope can add some urgency to the look of the entire piece, as these are often used for bills, checks, and special offers. Security style envelopes are available that prevent reading by anyone other than the recipient. If there is a corporate logo, be sure to use it, either included in the return address area, or by itself in the lower left area of the envelope. Always match the envelope to the size mailer you are intending to insert. Give consideration to whether or not your mailer can be inserted with or without folding, and if folding would detract from content. Most standard envelopes will hold a double or tri-fold 8 ½” x 11” printed paper letter or flyer. Use a printing permit to save on business postage; special requirements for mailing will apply, and some online printing businesses can also obtain your permits. Use online print services for convenience and fast delivery to your door. This type of printing company and custom printing are combined to offer you the best range of options for your individual business needs. Printing online is fast and available 24/7, so you can order online printing whenever the creative urge strikes; it is great for last minute jobs that require fast turnaround times.

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