Easter Egg-Hunt Ideas for Kids: How to Plan a Memorable Event

Year after year, children excitedly await Easter Sunday for the most festive of celebrations that comes with it: the egg hunt! Whether you’re 10 or 50, ingeniously executed Easter egg-hunt ideas are delicious and delightful enough to get everyone involved— there’s no thrill similar to discovering a beautifully decorated egg cunningly tucked away in a hiding spot. Now it's your chance to host an Easter party that kids will remember for years to come! Today’s blog post is all about planning the ultimate Easter egg hunt, from custom printed decorations to one-of-a-kind prizes. 

Bring Your Easter Egg-Hunt Ideas to Life

First, you need to find the right location. An outdoor garden with lots of nooks and crannies is the perfect place. Stay away from gyms and soccer fields, as there are just not enough interesting places to hide eggs. Before Easter Sunday, order custom printed indoor banners to decorate your home. A Happy Easter banner featuring the Easter Bunny and eggs will do. Make sure to use vivid colors to make the banners eye-catching and festive. Personalized banners offer a long-lasting decorating solution for many Easters to come. Take into account the varying skill levels and ages of the egg hunters when hiding the eggs. Leave some eggs in obvious places and other eggs in spots that would challenge any kid or adult. Warning the older kids not to shove or push the little ones during the egg hunt is essential. Order personalized tote bags to collect the eggs and use pinback buttons to feature clever clues and put them in a number of eggs. Try something like “Look among the weeds for a golden egg.” or “I’m a green and leafy part of nature”. Make sure to reference something in particular when it comes to the clues. They could even send the child to another clue until they find the egg. egg-hunting prints

Give Your Egg-Hunting Afternoon a Unique Twist

Divide the egg hunters into teams and give fun prizes to the team who finds the most eggs. The prizes could be custom certificates or even more candyNo child should leave empty handed. Give out prizes to children that have the prettiest Easter baskets, or to children that are the most helpful to their friends. egg-hunt DIY Wanna host an adult egg-hunting party? Instead of giving the winners money or candy, give them something truly unexpected. The special eggs could contain something as useful as nail polish, golf balls or custom printed gift certificates to spas, fast food restaurants, and bars. The only limit is your imagination! You may even host an Easter charity benefit, with a small entry fee for each egg hunter and hand out donated prizes.

Plan Your Very Own Egg-Hunting Party

Last but most certainly not least, have a nice brunch after the Easter egg hunt is over. Order gorgeous personalized menus showcasing your eggstraordinary dishes like pear-stuffed French toast, Gruyere omelets, fruit salad and mimosas for the grown-ups. How about bacon scrambled eggs and biscuits for the younger hunters? That is, if they’re hungry after eating all that candy! We hope these Easter egg-hunting ideas come in handy this Sunday! Remember to think outside the box and most importantly, to have fun! Don't forget to sign up to get 30% OFF your first order!

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