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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    Apr 19, 2011 Clap 1976 ViewCopy Link

    Door Hangers that Work - 079

    Door Hangers that Work - 079

    Door Hangers That Work - 079 Creating door hangers that work is easy when you keep a few little pointers in mind. The purpose of a door hanger is to garner attention without being just tossed in the trash. To achieve this, remember to design your company printing of door hanger tags using these tips: 1. Use color liberally. The door hanger needs to be attractive and draw attention so it at least will be read quickly. With that in mind, keep headline text short, simple and to the point. It must have copy that entices the viewer to read more of the advertisement. Most door hangers are tall and slim, and can fit into a space that will not interfere with door opening or closing. High contrast colors like black and red on white, or yellow or red on black will immediately draw the vision to that area. Use brilliant but complementary colors. If the door hanger headline can be read from a short distance, that is excellent. 2. Use large, bold headline text made up of easy to read, san serif fonts. Use bold fonts for sub-heads in the copy below the header. Do not get caught up in using complex, fancy, or curly fonts that are hard to read. Short, simple and traditional always is best. Show benefits and ask for the sale or response. 3. Include images if appropriate, or other graphics that relate to your headline, company, product or service. Use the highest resolution possible and have the contact telephone number at the bottom of each tag printed in large, bold lettering. 4. Think inclement weather when designing door hangers. Have your custom printing job protected from the weather elements with a coated surface that will resist moisture and sunlight effects. Online printing companies will usually have options for coating print products. 5. For added effect and impact, combine printing with colorful images. This makes the door hanger much more interesting to view, almost like a color postcard. Use photos and graphics to tell an interesting story. Include text as needed. 6. Use both sides of your door hanger. Have a good headline on both sides, but instruct the person making the rounds about which side should be facing out. The back is an excellent place to put in smaller details, order forms, contact information or to use for a response card. You can create a door hanger that also has a detachable return postal card for the customer to use for an inquiry. 7. Don’t forget that you can use gimmicks to draw attention to critical copy points, like your telephone number. Use babies, animals, splashes of color, et cetera, to enhance your custom printing. Use online printing layouts for your initial company printing designs; they are professionally created by print specialists.