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    Don’t Let your Seasonal Business Hibernate During the Off Season

    Don’t Let your Seasonal Business Hibernate During the Off Season

    If you own a seasonal business, you understand all too well the stresses of tackling the slow pace of the off season.  Whether your business caters to the lazy days of summer or the snowy wonderland of the holidays, your worries are still the same; how do you keep your business afloat the rest of the year.

    Use the High Season Times to gather the resources that will keep you in business OFF-season!

    Luckily there are many ways you can maintain your business and stay connected with your loyal customers. By combining your social media and print marketing efforts, you can sustain your small business during the off season.  It takes a bit of creative thinking, but you’re an entrepreneur so by definition you are a creative thinker! Be sure to keep an updated list of customers so that you can keep in touch and continue to promote your brand throughout the year. Here are just a few tips and ideas on how to keep things going in the off season.  Take a look:
    •  Create a following.  During your peak season, have customers rate and review your products and services.  In the off season ask customers to write testimonials regarding their experiences and offer exclusive discounts to those who do. Create a following on social media using Facebook, Twitter and G+.  Social media is a great way to keep customers informed on special promos or new products they can look forward to.
    •  Start Blogging.  If you don’t do so already, start a Blog that caters to your target audience.  You don’t have to write about your products alone for it to be meaningful for your business.  In fact, the best Blogs are those that are informative and speak to the interests and concerns of the consumer.  For example, if you sell ski equipment why not Blog about the ten most breathtaking trails.
    •  Reach out to your local community.  You don’t need to close up shop in the off season.  Take time to reach out to your local community with postcard printing.  Promote a special sneak peek event or offer exclusive savings in the off season.  For example, say you are a pastry shop that primarily serves tourists, mail out promotional magnets to locals and offer a free sample of a seasonal treat on their next store visit.
    • Promote yourself all year.  In the off season put together a professional catalog printing campaign and send them out to customers as a reminder that they can still enjoy your products and save with off season prices.  Keep your website up to date at all times.  To entice customers to purchase online, offer a discount for all first time web purchases.
    •  Get better.  Use your slow period to sharpen your skills and research new products and services that your customers will love and that complement your existing line.  The off season is a great time to renovate your space and give it a fresh look before the mad rush arrives.
    Lastly, positively promote your business by getting involved in charitable organizations that benefit a cause that is meaningful to you, like funding arts programs in schools, the fight against cancer or preserving your local forests. There is no excuse for hibernating during the off season; your business will ultimately suffer for it.  Instead, look at the off season as a time to recharge your business, offer new products and introduce yourself to a whole new group of consumers. With creativity and some entrepreneurial ingenuity, your off season won’t have to be a bust!  If you think these tips were helpful, let us know.  We love the feedback!