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    DIY Teen Bedroom Decoration

    DIY Teen Bedroom Decoration
    Teenagers aren't the easiest to please; they usually go through different phases where they experiment with music, fashion and pretty much anything that can  influence their personal taste. Because they're still trying to define who they are, teen bedroom decorations cannot be achieved without integrating their preferences, trends and the use of some classic elements. Inspiration, also plays an active role in this task, which is why  we've put together a list of different techniques and elements that can be changed at anytime, such as wall graphics, canvas print and dry erase vinyl, to achieve dreamy spaces that will please any teenage boy or girl.

    Start from the Bottom up

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    For any bedroom decoration, start with the  floor. Evaluating the present condition of the floor material or carpet can help determine whether or not it's essential to hide or polish the existing  surface. If you're planning to use carpets, look for materials that require minimum maintenance and match the color palette you want to use, but that are versatile enough that you can change the walls and they still match. You can also use very fuzzy carpets in just one area to divide spaces, such as "hanging out" sections in the same room.

    Wall Decorations and Space Divisions

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    Now that the base of the room is settled, you can move to the walls before moving furniture and other decorations that may interfere with this process. Using dry erase vinyl  you can give your artsy teen some space to create, or practice their math equations, dot down a note or just have fun. The idea is to make a space that's both decorative and functional at the same time. Accent pieces  can be used to divide spaces, as well as using different colors. If you have enough space, armoires and storage furniture can serve to separate and hide undesired objects or tech gadgets that might not blend in with the rest of the room, such as video game consoles, computers, TV's, just to name a few.

    Go Back to the Basics

    Image Courtesy of
    You can check flea markets and garage sales to find interesting vintage pieces, such as lamps, paintings, retro canvas prints (like that beautiful Audrey Hepburn one) and some other details that can put together the whole theme or idea behind the decor. If you wish to create your own wall decorations to spend less on paint and get something cool that you can easily replace in the future we suggest that  you keep it simple and use one big sized canvas print or a wall graphic, to have a focal point in the room.

    Reuse and Recycle 

    Image Courtesy of
    Just because something is worn doesn't mean it can't be restored or repaired. Furniture pieces made out of wood can be polished and painted, giving them a fresh look. Older pictures can be given a cool new look with a brand new frame with a different color and contrasting materials, some of them can even be  transformed with a little DIY work.


    Image Courtesy of
    Use personal taste to enhance a teen bedroom, items such as guitars, ballet silhouettes printed on vinyl, film and music posters and sports equipment can be the final touch to any room. Just make sure to keep it simple and minimalist to avoid overcharged spaces. Put these simple ideas into practice and let us know how it went. We're sure your ideas will be original and stylish.