Digital Greeting Cards vrs Printed Greeting Cards

Back in the 80s where the Internet was a luxury only accessible by the military and college faculty, the tradition among every American come the Holidays was getting a big pile of Greeting Cards, writing each one by hand, and then they were promptly delivered either by conventional mail or even better, personally, to loved ones and friends alike. And the other way around, it was a tradition to show all the holiday greeting cards you received. But hence came the Internet in the early 90s and with it services like Regards, Virtual Florist and so on and so forth, so a new kind of Greeting Cards began to pave its way into the life and tradition of American families: Digital Greeting Cards. This new breed of greeting cards only required the user to have internet access and that the recipient had an active e-mail address. This brought many advantages to both parties: Greeting Cards were received immediately, you got notified not only that they were received but also that they were actually read. So, this brought the question to the table: Will Digital Greeting Cards kill their printed counter parts? After almost a decade and half that they appeared we still have printed Greeting Cards around us, and most probably we will still have them for a very long time. The reason is quite simple, although the digital version brings the aforementioned advantages, there’s one thing that they will never have: the feeling of seeing a loved one’s writing expressing holiday wishes or any other occasion wishes you like. And that is exactly why printed Greeting Cards are still here, and like we said, will still be here for a very long time, no matter how sophisticated their digital versions may become (because you know, nowadays you can even add videos, music, complex animations and so on and so forth) there’s absolutely nothing that can compare to read a message that you know someone took the time to sit on a table, and write it to you. Also, there’s the added value of being able to put them in your living room, office or Christmas tree to show them off to your visitors and family members that come to visit. So, all in all, both have their ups and downs, ones are instantaneous to get to their recipients, can have multimedia enhancements and so on and so forth, the others may not (remember, there are those you open and have a chip that plays music as you read it) but they bring the joy of seeing a loved one’s handwriting and you can show them to friends and family and making them part of your décor.  A winner? No. We can’t tell a winner. It’s just a matter of picking the type that better fits you to send some loved no matter what the occasion. And companies like specialize in proving you high quality custom printed greeting cards with designs that will surely make any occasion something to remember.

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