Custom Labels Made Right

  • BY Emma Davis
  • Jun 18, 2011
  • 780
Custom Labels Made Right

It may seem like just another tedious detail, and most people probably figure one label will work just as well as another, but what many people don’t realize is that the type of label a business uses for specific functions can have adverse results if the wrong materials are used in the manufacturing of the labels. Labels that will not stick or labels that can not be removed will end up costing much more than reprinting costs for more of the same labels at the end of the day. Using a reputable online printing company like can help your business by alleviating frustration while saving time and money, by knowing what materials and inks to use when printing your custom labels.

Different types of businesses face different challenges, each presenting its own unique problems to solve. For the restaurant industry one of those challenges is keeping all products properly dated and rotated, and the labels they use play a major factor in keeping inventory fresh and avoiding spoilage. Not every adhesive or paper will work well in the cold, humid climate of a walk in refrigerator though; some labels do not stick and others smear if they get wet. Lost or smeared labels can add up to hundreds if not thousands in lost inventory. In contrast however, labels also need to be removed easily to avoid leaving behind a sticky, messy residue on food storage containers. A reliable online printing company is experienced in solving these problems, and can provide the custom labels you need quickly, and at a great price. With the right labels there will be no more guessing which case of meat came in first, or labor hours spent wasted scrubbing off stickiness. Online printing companies such as have the advantage of experience in a wide array of printing projects, perfecting their techniques and products while managing to keep costs much lower than those of traditional printers. With years of working with a variety of materials, various paper and adhesives, they'll be able to guide you through the process of designing the perfect custom labels for your business needs.

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