Currency Redesign: Creative Projects From Around the World

Currency is the official payment tool approved by a country. Quick history lesson, in the old days, civilizations would use receipts instead of bank notes. Those receipts were backed up by stored grain, which was a valid payment method in the past. Later on, we started using coins that represented other commodities, until paper money was introduced in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Official bills and coins usually choose an iconic character or place of national relevance and make it part of the design. Occasionally, countries will redesign their currencies and update denominations. And while countries like the U.S. keep it conservative with the traditional colors, others like Venezuela and Switzerland add a splash of color to their paper money.

Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte posted by Sarah Bush

Posted by Sarah Bush on Pinterest

Swiss Franc posted by Francis Alejandrina Ulloa-Perritaz

Posted by Francis Alejandrina Ulloa-Perritaz on Pinterest
Beautiful currency designs are often an inspiration for very different projects. The various custom printing products available allow you to turn your favorite designs into custom mugs, wallets, t-shirts, and canvas photo prints, just to name a few.

Dollar Bill Wallet by Kim Baker

Posted by Kim Baker on Pinterest

Is Paper Money Disappearing?

Of course online banking is stealing some of paper money’s thunder. Some people are so used to making their payments with a card or through the internet, that they probably wouldn't notice if bills changed. According to, when asked if they would open a completely virtual bank account, 36% of Americans answered positively. A modest number compared to the 60% who would go virtual around the world. As far as being completely replaced, that would be hard to tell. There is an open debate on where 60% of people think it will. Which could happen as we grow more dependent on technology. In the meantime, while we wait and see what the future holds for international currency, we can enjoy a very interesting trend that is growing in popularity. As it happens with creative people, some individuals would like to add a modern turn to the official bank notes. Which has led to numerous redesign projects around the world. Designers use their own views and turn them into what they feel could be cool currency. A great chance for us to understand what people think is most remarkable about a certain country. You won’t believe the amazing results! Let’s take a look at the most creative currency redesign projects on the web:

US Dollar Redesign by Pamelilla Ascencio

Posted by Pamelilla Ascencio on Pinterest

Egyptian Currency  Redesign by Najd Alja

Posted by Najd Alja on

German Mark Redesign by Lisa Hinterberger

Posted by Lisa Hinterberger on

Australian Dollar Redesign by Gino Belassen

Posted by Gino Belassen on

Yen Redesign by Pablo Pineda

Posted by Pablo Pineda on Behance,net

Escudo Redesign by Phil Da Silva

Posted by Phil Da Silva on

Dirham Redesign by Kristem Slama

Posted by Kristen Slama on

Singapore Currency Redesign by Lizzy Watkins

Posted by Lizzy Watkins on

English Pound Redesign by Lynsey Lehr

Posted by Lynsey Lehr on

Euro Redesign by Tyler Winn

Posted by Taylor Winn on
As amazing as these bills look, if you are planning to visit any of these countries soon, make sure to get the real currency! Don't they get you inspired to create new printing projects? We bet you could surprise your friends with futuristic bills printed as postcards. Visit 4OVER4.COM and browse our online printing catalog for new ideas. Out of curiosity, how would you change your currency? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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