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    Company Printing

    Company Printing

    Tri-fold brochures are a versatile marketing tool that is the printed item of choice for real estate agents and universities. They are ideal for promoting properties and educational services. These handy printed mini-brochures are usually folded lengthwise two times. They will fit snugly into a standard #10 business mailing envelope when printed on standard 8x10-inch paper.

    One reason business customers prefer tri-fold brochures is the versatile amount of space that is available for images and text. There can be as many as six separate panels or as few as two large pages for text and photographs. Some are designed as self-mailers, with one panel set up as an address panel. When the brochure is fully opened, the entire inside page can be used for the content layout, or it can be split into two or three separate areas. Real estate agents regularly include many types of brochures with their business printing orders. Tri-fold styles are affordable in full color and are an ideal way to feature an individual property listing. There is ample room to list property details and to show those details in photographs. Another important item to include on all company printing is complete realtor contact information. These brochures can be distributed in a neighborhood or at the specific home when placed into a handy brochure holder at that location. Glossy finishes on the brochure help to showcase photographic images and give the design a professional look. Universities like the fact that this style of brochure is perfect for longer text descriptions and small photos. The university, course offerings and staff are promoted in a small, affordable printed piece that can be mailed to prospective students. Online printing companies create tri-fold brochures quickly. They produce thousands every day and have artists on staff to help with design concerns. Turnaround time is short, and finished brochures are promptly delivered to any location. Tri-fold Brochures are also used for corporate branding and identification. Telling the company story in a small brochure is an important marketing tactic to include with any new client presentation. The sales person can touch briefly on important points and then present the detailed brochure to clients as a follow-up measure. Coordinate any brochure with other company printing materials that are used by a business for best results. Order all business printing from one trusted online printing company like to receive the best pricing and results that occur when a business has a relationship with their printer.

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