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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    May 21, 2011 Clap 2430 ViewCopy Link

    Catalog Printing Choices: Color or Black and White? - 114

    Catalog Printing Choices: Color or Black and White? - 114

    Companies that offer a product line use catalogs to advertise those products and to gain new customers. Service companies usually have some type of small catalog or brochure to present details about their services to customers. Professionals are also wise to create some type of brochure for potential clients. A catalog or brochure is an important piece of business printing because it is, in effect, a small sales representative of the company. It should be carefully designed and produced to help convey the company image.

    Catalog printing is a basic need; an optional decision when creating brochures and catalogs is always whether to produce that piece in black and white or color ink. With modern digital catalog printing and high resolution custom printing capabilities, the use of color has become more affordable than in any previous time. Still, black and white printing will always be less expensive. Online printing companies like are very competitive for either black and white or color printing jobs and have fast turnaround times. Whether it is best to print a catalog in black and white or in color depends on several factors. There are advantages and disadvantages to either choice of business printing. The first decision involves the purpose of the printed material. 1. Who will be the target audience, and how many pieces will be needed to reach that audience? 2. Will there be photographs or images in the catalog? 3. How large is the budget for this piece of custom printing? 4. Is the use of color essential to success in making this sales pitch? Are you showing products like clothing that should be in color? 5. Will this piece be used once or multiple times? Ordering larger quantities can cut costs per piece. If photographic images are needed, color is almost always a better choice. Grayscale and black and white catalogs are cheaper, and still can be done attractively. Color inks cost more, as does set up for color printing. On the other hand, color can show better detail and holds attention longer. Color costs may be reduced by using spot color, one color with black and white, or two colors instead of four or full color printing. Use of color may also be interpreted as being more professional. Remember that color printing will be about four times more expensive than black and white custom printing. Use black and white for smaller jobs and items that are time-sensitive or for customer forms.

    Visit to learn more about our catalog printing services as well as our line of printing services including card printing and poster printing.