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    Catalog Photography Tips for Superior Catalog Printing - 097

    Catalog Photography Tips for Superior Catalog Printing - 097

    When it comes to catalog printing, there is nothing quite as important as the product photos. Even a great business printing company can't give you a good catalog unless you start out with good photos. Getting superb product shots takes some practice, but your custom printing job depends on it. The following guide will help you take the best possible catalog pictures so that our online printing company can give you the best possible catalog.


    ·Lighting Light is perhaps the most important factor in getting great product photos. Soft light produces the most flattering results for most products because it accurately depicts the product's shape, color and texture without producing harsh shadows or creating a glare. A great way to achieve this result is to shoot the product in natural light, either on a cloudy day or during the afternoon. Alternatively, you could use a light tent, a soft box or a piece of sheer fabric to diffuse the light over the subject. ·Background Your background should enhance your product, never compete with it. Avoid the temptation to use a bright or busy background because it will draw your customers eyes away from your product and make it difficult for them to focus on its attributes. A white background places your product front and center and is often the best for catalog printing. Another option is to blur the background by using a wide aperture setting on your camera. ·Focus While you may want your background to be a little bit out of focus, you want your product itself to be crystal clear. Make sure that you know your camera's focus, and don't try to shoot outside of its range. Use a low ISO setting for the best color and clarity and to reduce noise if you are shooting digitally. In addition, it is important that you shoot with a tripod to eliminate the problem of camera shake. ·Product placement The arrangement of your photograph can either draw attention to your product or distract from it, so make sure that you place your product so that it is the center of attention. Try to capture your product's best feature and any important details. It's okay to use props as long as they work with your product, but avoid placing your product in groups with other products. Finally, zoom in close so that the scene fills your camera's frame. PRINTING YOUR CATALOG Getting flawless product pictures is only part of having the perfect catalog. It is also essential that the quality of the printing reflects the quality of your photos, and the key to this is choosing the right business printing company. An online printing company like will surely have experience in custom printing jobs such as catalogs, and we will make it a priority to ensure that you receive superior catalog printing.

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