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    Canvas prints - 089

    Canvas prints - 089

    Canvas can be used as an excellent medium for large format printing. We offer online printing of canvas prints, which our clients can use for decoration or business printing. Business printing on canvas comes with several advantages. In particular, canvas is durable—it can last for generations—and relatively inexpensive.

    There are a number of important factors to consider before ordering online printing on canvas. The most important is location: where are you planning to put the print? The answer to this question will determine just about everything else. A print that looks beautiful in one setting will look out of place, even unattractive, in another. If you intend to hang the print outside, for example, and want it to be visible from far away, you should use bold colors. Any lettering will need to be printed in a color that stands out from the background. The human eye is automatically attracted to contrasts. Remember this fact, and you will avoid mistakes such as placing orange letters on top of a red background. You may want to look at a color wheel and choose complementary colors (that is, colors on opposite sides of the wheel). Also, go for large, clear, easy to read fonts, especially for large format printing that you want people to be able to read from far away. Thin, elegant scripts may look nice up close, but are illegible from far away. You should also consider the surroundings when choosing a color scheme. A predominantly red print on a white wall will be less visible than the same print on a black wall, and might even appear smaller. To maximize the attention a print draws, you want to choose colors that stand out without clashing. In other circumstance, such as using a print purely for decoration, you can feel freer to experiment with analogous colors (those next to each other on the color wheel) to create harmony. Consider carefully where to hang your print, as well. The most obvious choice is to place it at eye level—but remember, “eye level” will be different depending on whether people will be sitting or standing. Standing eye level is approximately five to five and a half feet from the ground. Keeping these tips in mind will help you design the best possible canvas prints for your unique needs. Remember that visibility and clarity are more important than anything else.

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