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    Business Printing: Inks for labels - 024

    Business Printing: Inks for labels - 024

    In business printing, choosing a high grade ink is preferable to opting for a cheap ink that will dissuade potential customers of the quality and reliability of your company. Ink is judged primarily by its richness and the amount of time it takes to dry. In product labels and print labels, choosing the right ink is vital to ensure not only the longevity of the materials, but the impression they make on those who receive them.

    In online printing, especially with sticker printing, choosing an ink that is both rich in tone yet dries quickly enough so that no smearing or blurred edges appear is vital to presenting a saleable and effective product. Business printing often stresses speed as an important factor in choosing inks. However, exceptionally fast drying ink frequently has a tattered, incomplete look to it, especially when the document or item has been exposed to air for several weeks or months. For posters, print labels, and other display items, the ink should be evaluated not just by its drying speed alone, but by the way it reflects light and holds up under time exposure. Most online printing companies like will be happy to explain the differences between grades of ink to customers who ask the right questions. Especially for business printing, the best way to broach the subject is to describe the type of project or document that the company hopes to produce. When describing the project, it’s a good idea to be able to talk knowledgeably about details such as if the presentation will be mounted and, if so, what the light exposure will be in that particular environment. If the project is primarily about sticker printing or smaller, more interchangeable printed parts, it helps the printer enormously if the customer ordering knows whether or not an additional coating or protective layer will be needed. Color plays a vital role in choosing the quality of the ink. Red, for example, can encompass literally dozens of different color choices. The best way to find the right ink for a particular project is to browse online, or find a sample of the color that can be easily shown to the printer. This way, the project will receive the ink that not only can produce beautiful color, but can dry flawlessly. By producing projects that capture precisely what the original graphic artists had intended, businesses create beautiful documents that last for years.

    At we use inks accordingly to the project at hand and most importantly that are environmental friendly, so, for all your business printing needs, may they be poster printing, postcard printing or any other need you might have, visit us, and see why we're one of the leading online printing firms in the US today.