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    Business Printing: Business Cards information - 017

    Business Printing: Business Cards information - 017

    A business card isn’t just a rectangle in your pocket—it is your way of introducing yourself to potential clients, friends, and other associates. Personal business cards can function as a symbol of who you are. In a few bold lines and embossed lettering, you communicate whether you are a take charge sort of person, or someone who prefers to let things develop before taking an active role. There are a few big ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ when it comes to business cards, including whether or not to print on both sides and the type of information it should contain.

    Business card printing and other forms of custom printing should always make sure that the print cards contain your name and a method of contacting you. For some people, this contact information can be an email address or a phone number. For personal business cards, a single line of contact information is sufficient, but for a business card, especially one for a business, several lines of contact information should be included. A landline telephone number, cell phone number, email address, and physical mailing / delivery address should be included on the card along with the full name of the person, and the name of the firm or company. In many cases, print cards have graphics or information on both sides. In business card printing, it is generally acceptable to have all the information on one side, and a simple company logo or other graphic on the reverse side. In the case of online printing services, the individual who uses the custom printing services can specify not only how many sides will be printed, but the types of information on each side. It’s important to remember that while the business card should convey information about the user to the person who receives it, an overly busy card will be subconsciously perceived as being visually aggressive, and may inadvertently cause the person not to contact you.

    When ordering personal cards through an online printing service like, it is sometimes advisable to include a picture of yourself on one side of the card. This visual association helps people remember you. Including a picture on a corporate card is not always the right choice, although this varies by industry. Real estate agents, for example, often include their pictures, while an architect would probably choose not to include his picture. Whatever information you put on your card, make sure you feel confident about handing it out.

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