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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    May 28, 2011 Clap 2020 ViewCopy Link

    Business Card Printing - 125

    Business Card Printing - 125

    Business cards, sometimes known as calling cards, are still a mainstay of printing services. Anyone who has any kind of business wants to have a business card to inform others about their work. Most business cards show standard information, including name, address and a contact number or email. There are some unique business cards that stray from the routine. These may be die cut into shapes or be on very different materials than the expected card stock.

    Standard business cards are generally on white card stock paper, with printing on one side. Simple business cards are printed on 80 pound white stock with a matte finish in black ink. Premium cards are on the 100 pound stock with either a matte or glossy finish. Using odd materials, like clear plastic, magnets or wood, can have an even greater impact. Card printing design is open to creativity. Fancier business cards are printed in full color. Online Printing services like feature embossing, foil, raised thermography printing or photographic images. Business cards usually are printed with a horizontal orientation. Options include printing with the vertical orientation and using spot color instead of full color. For a different style, consider a folded card. This doubles the amount of space available for printed information. Laser or die cut cards can be an interesting look, as can options like having a post card printed up with a tear-off business card to use as a mailer. Printing Online is very affordable today, as online printing companies like are ready to offer great bargains on card printing to secure new clients. Business cards are printed on any color stock. Most have a white or light base with dark ink for better visibility. Using a company logo is highly recommended. Dark stock or photograph cards benefit from using white or light inks. Some backgrounds or images have both light and dark colors and must use light and dark inks used to create contrast. The important thing to remember is that a business card must be readable. As a general rule, simple is more readable. When using dark or black for a back ground, other graphic color images can look striking but care should be taken to avoid problems reading the text. An Online printing company like usually has galleries of standard cards that are pre-designed to look and read well. When ordering printing online, use their templates to get a quick preview of how the finished cards will look.

    And if you want to learn more about our extensive line of printing products like tri fold brochures or canvas prints visit