Business Card Designs That Will Get You Noticed

  • BY Emma Davis
  • Jun 7, 2019
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Business Card Designs That Will Get You Noticed

A custom business card is a powerful marketing weapon that is often overlooked. If you can design your card properly, this little 3 x 2.5 piece of paper can not only help others connect with you, but also with each other. To increase your business, a unique standard business card design inspiration can be an effective tool. This is not only achieved through some of the traditional methods, but also through using different shapes, features, and textures.

Are you looking towards introducing your business to new potential clients? A personalized card is the best way to approach your prospective customers. Apart from personalizing your card, innovative designs and business card ideas can make your business more alluring for your customers.

If you have any doubts, you may turn to to find a bouquet of printing options for your business cards including different shapes, sizes, paper types, and finishes. From personalization to searching for the best innovative ideas, explore and learn how to get noticed in your business industry.

Why a Personalized Business Card Design is Significant


It may be an old school method but the personalized and creative business cards are one of the best ways to create a lasting impression. In this digital world, handing over an eye catching card to your client gives an instant understanding of your brand and offers them details required to get in touch with you.

But, in order to convey the perfect message to your customers, a personalized business card design plays a key role. Such cards are not only exclusive for your brand and you but the benefits of it are also quite transparent and easily understandable. In order to create a personalized card, you can -

  • Include your logo
  • Get creative with color
  • Make the card tactile
  • Try different materials, card stocks, and papers
  • Try unusual shapes which may not be a card like a sponge, bottle opener, etc.
  • Make the business card interactive

There are many ways and printing techniques in which you can personalize a card to make it unique. For instance, the flat notecards for sending notes to special correspondence are an instant hit amongst the users. When you get creative by printing with your own personalization, it becomes more special and unique. Do you wish to explore the innovative ideas that will get you noticed? Let’s explore more.

Add Social Media Information on Your Business Card

The digital world is ruled by social media and there is no doubt about it. When you add social media info on your business card, it gives an impression that you are part of the forward-thinking company that stays well-informed.

Today, networking is the primary aspect of marketing. Adding social media gives you a chance to direct your potential or new connection to your social accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It also helps to generate a better following on social media and allows your connections to see the positive reviews which indirectly help in building trust.

Avoid Too Much Contact Info on Your Card

A minimal and simple business card is more attractive when it comes to different possible designs. Instead of cluttering the business cards with too much information such as your landline, mobile number, email address, company address, etc. be selective in your approach and choices. Consider where they are more likely to explore your brand and products. Select the best contact method for printing cards rather than putting them all in one.

Instead of playing with cluttered information, you may play with the colors and texture of the business card.  You may opt for soft touch postcards or die cut postcards to approach your clients in a fresh way that they will remember for a long time.

Give a Visual Appeal to Your Business Card

People strongly follow the aesthetic appeal in a business card and a Logo is one of the first things that people take note of. Although a logo speaks volume, at times a single image can make the card dull. Sparking up a conversation by adding images can break the monotony of the simple business cards.

The team at is highly experienced and knowledgeable to guide you in the right way. For a custom project, you just need to fill out a simple form to get the best support in designing business cards.

Define the Purpose of your Business Card

Behind every investment, you have a purpose. Spending money on printing business cards also has a specific drive such as recruitment, sales, or maybe brand awareness.  You may opt for various types of business card like mini cards, oversized postcards, metallic foil business cards, brochures, and more.

It is important to be creative while determining your investment in business cards and how to stand out in the crowd. You can also find business cards that serve a notebook purpose. When your customer or potential clients receive something different that is informative as well as useful, your business is more likely to get noticed.

Add a Clear Call to Action on Your Business Card



Whether it’s your website or a business card, if you can make your clients hit the call to action button, then half of your battle is won. Are you thinking how can you include a call to action on the business cards? It is not just about putting up contact info; business cards can be used to provide any kind of information too.

Stop worrying about asking the users to act upon something. It might seem more attractive to them to think positively and have a call to action like the seasonal offer, fill a form to get a free sample pack or some discount code for a limited period, etc. You must think creatively while setting the call to action and getting the user to act as per what you want them to do. You can ensure to get noticed by opting for attractive options printed on your business card.

Add Unusual Elements on Your Business Card

When you choose to add unusual elements like QR Code or your partner logos on your business cards, it makes you stand out and get noticed. A QR Code can act as a future purchase discount or it can be linked to your website. Putting up your partner logos at the rear side of your business cards allows your customers to see the companies you have worked with which established credibility.

For instance, if you are an interior designer, the recipient of the card may not know you, but might have visited the restaurant you designed the interior of. So, you get instant recognition by adding that elements. Even your own image, a catchy tagline or slogan on your business cards can get you noticed. It is all about personalizing your business card, the way you want.

Personalise Your Business Card Online

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