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    Brochures and Flyers - 095

    Brochures and Flyers - 095

    Brochures and flyers are valuable marketing tools when used for the right purposes. If you are trying to choose between them when developing your business printing plan, keep in mind that they each have different objectives and that one might be preferable based on the following factors: your budget, your audience, and the occasion. Once you decide, an online printing service can provide its business printing expertise and help you with your brochure printing and flyer printing needs.

    A brochure is typically printed as a tri-fold document. It is often glossy and colorful, utilizing different types of text and graphics. Brochures tend to be permanently displayed in banks, offices, and other professional locations. They are also popular handouts at conferences and presentations. People choose brochures when they want something attractive that contains detailed information. Advantages of brochure printing:

    • Brochures usually have more space than flyers, so they can fit more information.
    • Brochures provide a lasting impression. They are usually made of a higher quality paper than flyers, making them more durable.
    • Brochures are good for introducing your services to another company or to a potential client.
    • The professional appearance of a brochure can lend a perception of legitimacy to your business.

    Although they are typically more expensive than flyers, with the right online printing service  (like for example) you can efficiently produce your brochures at a reasonable cost.

    A flyer, on the other hand, is usually a standard size sheet that contains time-sensitive information. Some examples of good uses of flyers are business openings and other one-time events, sales, updates, new product details, and lists such as FAQs. Advantages of flyer printing:

    • Flyers are generally cheaper than brochures.
    • Well-designed flyers are eye catching and might get someone’s attention better than folded brochures.
    • With the right flyer printing service, your document can look just as glossy as a brochure. You can often print on the front and back, with photos if necessary.
    • Flyers can be scanned or faxed easily. They are also easy to mail or hand deliver.