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    Booklets And Catalogs : A Marketing Powerhouse

    Booklets And Catalogs : A Marketing Powerhouse

    Direct mail marketing is an effective way to sell products. This is an indisputable fact. Many companies have made hundreds of millions of dollars by sending catalogs in the mail and encouraging people to buy from them. Even companies that have brick and mortar locations often make a significant percent of their profits off their catalog sales. As brick and mortar stores become more difficult to sustain because of escalating fixed costs including rents, lights, heating or cooling costs, staffing and theft, the power of booklet and catalog marketing is becoming more obvious. Many companies have now increased both their booklet printing and catalog printing. All this in an attempt to cash in on the lucrative direct mail marketing opportunities available today. One does not need a printing company to be effective in this growing segment. Many company printing departments are quite capable of handling all the booklet printing they need to be profitable. Using a print catalog to market products works for both the business and the consumer for several reasons. For the consumer it is a matter of convenience and saving time and money. Using a print catalog allows the customer to order any product they need from the privacy of their own home and have it delivered right to their door or shipped to any location to which they want it delivered. The catalog allows them to do this without having to fight with traffic, brave public transportation or wrestle with other customers or sales staff. The company benefits on several fronts. Many companies already have departments that handle booklet and catalog printing. In most cases these departments are underutilized. The investment in the machinery has already been made, but many times organizations may feel they need to hire a printig company when their own company printing staff can do an adequate job. Not only can in-house printing departments create catalogues, they can create a valuable new income stream at the same time. With the rise in the popularity of the internet printing online has grown exponentially. Printing online is fine but using company printing departments where the staff is already being paid and the machines have already been purchased is a far more cost effective way to sell products. The day of the giant brick and mortar store is quickly ending. The rise of internet marketing and the convenience of booklet and catalog shopping demolished it. For the best online printing services for all your catalogs and booklets visit you won't be disappointed.