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    Black History Month: A Celebration in Must-See Graphic Designs

    Black History Month: A Celebration in Must-See Graphic Designs

    Every February we celebrate Black History Month to remember the multiple  contributions renowned -and little known- members of the African American Community have made to the world. People like Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman are remembered as iconic individuals. But also, it is a month for cultural events to highlight the best of the African American Culture.

    To commemorate the cultural side of this important month of the year, we have put together a Collection of various Graphic Design Projects from to show you the most interesting Black History Month designs we could find.

    Milestones in African American History by Melissa Meyer

    Black History Month 1 Meyer’s design enhances different milestones involving Kansas University’s alumni from 1885 to 2009. Including Edward Williams, the first African American medicine graduate from KU and Bernardette Grey-Little, first female and African American Chancellor.

     Black History Month Typography by Carl Jeffers

    Black History Month  Graphic Design This inspiring typography made by Carl Jeffers includes people, values and events regarding Black History Month. The author describes it as “An acknowledgement of all things Black History... Black Present, and Black Future.” Typography is a great way to make powerful statements. Notice how Jeffers highlights a few terms to make them pop out from the wordy design. We particularly love how the technique was cleverly used to highlight relevant cultural references, we can't pick a favorite but "one love" and "I Have a Dream" have special room in our history and hearts.

    Black History Month Event Poster by Clarence Edmondson

    Black History month graphic design

    Another great example of Black History Month designs. An invitational poster to one of the many events held around the country in February.

    I Have a Dream by Tim Grey

    Black History Month Design An illustration of powerful icons of African American history.

    Black History Month Poster by Marie Walker

    Black History Month Design 2

    The UK holds Black History Month in October. This is a poster from one of 2013 events.

    Black History Month Postcards by Dominic Martin-Manning

    Black History Month postcard designs

    Here are 3 postcards from a wonderful collection posted by Dominic Martin-Manning. Make sure to visit Dominic’s post to see the 21 postcards celebrating African American role models. (Truly a MUST-SEE!)

    I Am Poster by Monique Sterling

    Black History Month Designs Monique’s poster is a celebration of the self. We love the powerful positive message and the non-compromising aesthetics of the design.

    Black History Month Illustration by Ben Currie

    black history month illustrations Currie’s illustration of equality was part of a Target exhibition.

    Black History Month T-shirt by Micah Boyd

    printed t shirt

    This is a unique way to celebrate Black History Month.  Using wearables and fashion to make a statement. You can do the same with personalized t-shirt printing with your favorite quotes or a DIY design.

    Black History Month is an important cultural event that graphic designers should not leave aside. After all, it's the perfect opportunity to explore both creativity and the rich background our diverse culture has. Give yourself the opportunity to be a part of the artistic movement and show your work. Oh! And one more thing, make sure to watch CBS Black History Month's video for more remarkable facts about Black History Month.