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    8 Ways To Use Cheap Sticker Prints In The Classroom

    8 Ways To Use Cheap Sticker Prints In The Classroom

    Sticker prints are becoming more common by the day, so I am sure you've all had a run-in with some. How then can these fun prints be leveraged in the classroom? This is an important question at this time because almost the whole world is seeking out alternative learning methods and classroom solutions. Read on therefore to discover 10 ways to use cheap sticker prints in the classroom. I have also included great links to get you directly to the store for all your print solutions.

    1- Storytelling With Stickers

    I remember as a child, there was one teacher I really loved. She taught us English and would carry a few stickers every week to put on the class wall depending on the story we were set to read. If it was Cinderella, for instance, she had a sticker of the pumpkin being turned into a royal carriage. Her lessons always made me look forward to school, and I can imagine how much more this would be if every lesson was like this. Stickers are bound to add an extra dimension and help with the imagination of young learners. I therefore always suggest this approach to the teachers I have the pleasure to interact with.

    2- Teaching Math With Cheap Sticker Prints

    Math can become a little more fun with the introduction of stickers. By using them in basic addition or subtraction, for instance, you introduce color and a dimension that is not otherwise very common with math. I am yet to meet a school going child that is not fascinated by color so this is a definite win. They will remember things more easily and overcome the bad attitude that is all too often associated with math.

    3- Motivating Learners With Reward Stickers

    Just picture the bright smile when you appreciate yous neatest or most punctual student with a pretty adhesive vinyl sticker printing. I'm sure it will motivate the whole class to do better so as to get a sticker next time. Cheap sticker prints are an affordable method you can use to inspire your class to do better in all they do.

    4- Cheap Sticker Prints For Grading

    Ditch the old-fashioned red pen in favor of stickers to grade your learners. It is considerably cheaper to order a batch of stickers as opposed to just one or two so take advantage of this. Get creative with the colors and graphics that you put on your stickers. Make grading day fun and not apprehensive, so they look forward to it in anticipation of what kind of sticker prints they could receive.

    5- Get Your Learners' Attention

    Whenever you have a not-so-fun subject, whip out some stickers to make everyone interested. Get creative in the way you use them as well; have a sticker-matching competition or something. Give your class the chance to suggest the kind of stickers they would enjoy getting. Make the whole learning affair as immersive as you possibly can so that at the end of the day everyone looks forward to attending your class.

    6- Reminders In The Form of Custom Sticker Prints

    If you have a school project coming up or a presentation, use stickers to remind everyone. Keep the event in question alive by introducing stickers with the theme of the activity. You can also pass around stickers for your class to stick on their notebooks in some kind of order to remind everyone of upcoming activities. Another great idea is to have your timetables in the form of stickers so they easily stay in sight of everyone's books. Introduce fun colors and graphics on the stickers so they really pop and stay relevant for your learners.

    7- Improve Your Learners' Memories

    Sticker prints are visual and tactile, and these additional qualities will work well to help learners remember. This can work well for practically every subject; history, social studies, and of course art. Bite-sized information on your stickers will be easy for learners to digest and keep. Needless to say, grades will automatically be improved in the process so it's an all-round benefit.

    8- Making Geography Fun With Sticker Prints

    You can ensure that your learners remember important landmarks during geography with cheap custom sticker labels. Use stickers of prominent people or things in different geographical locations to clearly differentiate between the areas. Award colorful custom stickers to winners of quizzes that you set and have your important points permanently stuck to your learners' books, laptop, and memory. This will make your learners look forward to your class because they learn and have fun at the same time. So this is it for cheap custom stickers and learning, and I hope I have inspired you to seek out cheap custom stickers online. You can also get them for your fellow educators to stick on their laptops and leave a lasting impression. There is no single age group that can fail to appreciate stickers so don't hold back. Try to find cheap stickers bulk printed to make even more savings and you will definitely love it. Did you know that in 2019, the Middle East and Africa registered the fastest growing market for stickers and labels according to Take the time to design cute, fun, and educative stickers and you will have a fan-base that enjoys your teaching technique. There is a wealth of information and art on the internet so you won't have a hard time finding something that everyone will enjoy. While we are all on a break due to the pandemic, research on how to jazz up your teaching with cheap sticker prints!