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    7 Thanksgiving Print Tools to Try in The Classroom

    7 Thanksgiving Print Tools to Try in The Classroom

    Hey teachers! The holidays are around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about some creative Thanksgiving print tools to get students excited for the season! Get off the beaten path by coming up with innovative activities that will give your students the chance to learn, have fun, and fuel their imagination.

    The good news is that you don’t have to spend long hours creating a complicated craft, clipart, games, quizzes, trivia or lesson ideas. You can simply browse our catalog online and order custom printing materials and make your Thanksgiving lesson memorable.


    Try These Print Tools and Get Into the Thanksgiving Spirit

    We've put together 7 print materials to celebrate the Thanksgiving season in the classroom. Check out these resourceful ideas to give you some inspiration:

    #1 Puzzles

    Not only are puzzles great for children’s cognitive development, they are also an educational tool that promotes positive interactions between them. Whether your students work together or on their own, they will be motivated to discover the image behind the puzzle and finish it successfully. Choose a scarecrow or turkey this season!


    #2 Drink Coasters

    Encourage children to draw a turkey, pilgrim collage craft, thankful tree or ear of corn. You can then use the artwork to print personalized drink coasters. Host a Thanksgiving dinner for your students and their families and decorate your tables with your custom drink coasters.


    #3 Stickers

    Organize a fun race where students have to find out hidden questions about the history of Thanksgiving. Divide your students into small groups and ask them to answer each question correctly before passing on to the next one. Make students run, jump and crawl to make the activity fun and entertaining. Put stickers on the envelopes that contain the questions or use them as rewards when they reach the goal.

    #4 Table Tents

    Print table tents of pilgrim hats, pumpkins, pine cones, acorns or turkeys and use them to decorate your tables during the Thanksgiving season. Add gratitude quotes to encourage children to reflect on their blessings or put together a list of things children are most thankful for.


    #5 Flashcards

    Tangible flash cards allow children to memorize concepts, vocabulary or dates quickly. In the front, you can include a Thanksgiving picture and a word that best describes it; on the back you can include its definition, key facts or information that helps the students recall the concept without much effort. You can even use these flash cards for playing memory games.


    #5 Pinback Buttons

    Ask your students what they are thankful for. Give them some time to brainstorm a short-list of five aspects. Collect the answers and choose one appreciation per student. Transform the sentence into a keyword or symbol and order pinback buttons. Each kid will show off a different pin-back button – ask them to share with the class things in life that make them happy.


    #7 Calendars

    Personalize a calendar for your class. Select a different color for each season or add an image that represents the activities and weather of each month. Highlight Thanksgiving Day in the calendar and use stickers for a Thanksgiving Day countdown. This will get students excited about the holiday season.


    The point of seasonal activities is to use innovative resources to make learning fun. By keeping your classroom activities creative and relevant, there’s a higher chance to keep your students interested and inspired.

    With 4OVER4.COM your print job is sure to turn our amazing. Whether you are looking for custom stickers, tent cards, table tent printing, custom table tents, a 2019 calendar or anything else in our extensive product lineup you are sure to be happy!

    Try one of these seven print marketing materials and add pizzazz to your Thanksgiving lessons! If you have any confusion our customer service team is always there to help! Remember you can order any of the print products listed above and get a 30% OFF discount by signing up with 4OVER4.COM!