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    7 Beautiful Holiday Postcards that Break The Mold

    7 Beautiful Holiday Postcards that Break The Mold

    Tired of the same old tired designs when it comes to sending or receiving a holiday postcard?  No matter how artistic and left-brain-minded you are, it’s hard to come up with something original every year.  Thankfully there are loads of inspiration sources out on the worldwide web.

     We know how busy this time of year is for you, so we took it upon ourselves to assemble our favorite seven creative holiday postcard design ideas.  They’re not your postcard Christmas classics of yore, but they sure are fun and inspiring. Who said professional postcard designs had to be boring?  Buckle up and get ready for an amazing sleigh ride of holiday postcard design! Here we go!

    1.  Inspired by fairy tales of old.  

    Share the warm memories of your youth with these fun designs printed on kraft paper.  The reindeer, penguins and polar bears remind us that all the magic happens in the North Pole!

    2. Christmas in the City.  

    There is something to be said about snow falling on the city streets, no matter what city you live in.  Truly beautiful! christmas in city postcard

    3.  A wish for snow.

    Warm weather inhabitants can dream of a snow covered winter wonderland as well.

    4. A cool Christmas.

     Even the coolest (and hipster?) people you know love the holidays.  This postcard takes the simple message of “Merry Christmas” with the colors of red, green and white to create a modern holiday postcard. modern christmas postcard

    5. Christmas around the world. 

    Whether you choose the country you live in or an exotic locale, paying tribute to traditions is always a sweet expression of love for the holidays. christmas around the world postcard

    6. For contemporary tastes.

    Make a statement about your personal style.  This contemporary creative postcard design is simplicity at its best.  For the elegant at heart! contemporary postcard 7.  Deck the halls with postcard ornaments. Give friends and family something to hang on their tree this holiday season with these fun and amusing Christmas postcard cut-outs.  They’ll be talking about them for ages! ornament postcards We hope our seven picks have got your creative juices flowing!  For custom Christmas cards, or some professional postcard printing to stand out and be the talk of  the town  then make sure you check out 4over4's printing services and the deluxe Prestige Collection with ultra thick papers and luxurious colored seams!

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