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    6 Office Organization Ideas That Make Work-Life Easier

    6 Office Organization Ideas That Make Work-Life Easier

    Is getting organized your 2017 New Year’s resolution? If so, today’s blog post will certainly come in handy! We asked an advertising agency’s talented team for advice and office organization ideas to share with you. These experts shared a variety of tricks and tips for managing their hectic workdays and completing tasks with ease and style. From delegating tasks to effectively organizing their inbox, these savvy professionals clearly know how to get the job done, efficiently and quickly.

    6 Easy Office Organization Ideas to Try

    #1: Delegate, Delegate, Delegate! Is there a task that you’re doing that you utterly dread? Is there a task that you feel is not actually part of your job? We can help you figure out when delegation is the best way to go. Just take some time to think about it and consider whether or not it would be wise to delegate the dreaded task to a junior employee. If you’re really drowning and there’s no one available to complete the mundane office duties, consider hiring an efficient intern. #2: Set Reminders on Your Calendar App A longtime favorite organization tip is setting reminders on calendar apps for tasks or project deadlines. First, set a reminder for the date it must be completed. Then, set another reminder to alert you when each project component is due for consolidation. Set a third reminder during the process, so you remember to evaluate how the project is coming along. If there’s a particular project that involves multiple people, set several reminders to check in with each person. By doing this, you ensure that everyone is on or ahead of schedule. Even though you will have lots of entries on your calendar application, it’s all worth it if it means staying on top of your work and meeting your deadlines! If you’re not a techie person, you can always opt for a custom printed calendar and place it on your desk or wall. We offer two types of calendar printing services: saddle stitched calendars and wire-o-coil calendars. #3: Organize Your Inbox ASAP We recommend creating folders or labels to properly organize the zillions of messages in your inbox. For example, if you deal with multiple clients, you need a label for Clients. You also need a label for items that are Complete and items that are Pending. Last but not least, use specific labels to coordinate where each item is in the process, such as Need More Information, Sent for Review or Waiting on Client Signature. Create folders for each item and nest them inside one another, if your email program doesn’t carry the labels feature. Either way, a perfectly organized inbox is key to staying on track and helping you verify that everything is moving forward. #4: Make a “To-Do” List with Post-Its We’re huge fans of personalized Post-Its – I mean, who isn’t? They’re so practical! Just use them throughout the day to create visual reminders of the things you need to do. Write each task on a Post-It and stick it where it can’t be missed, perhaps your computer monitor. Next, toss each Post-It away once you have completed each and every one of the items. custom post-it At the end of that day, if there’s any unfinished business, simply enter it into a notebook or notepad app to create a “To-Do” list for the following day. By doing so, you can clear your workspace every night and start with a clean desk the next morning. #5: Take Advantage of a Virtual Assistant Do you have menial duties that take an eternity to complete? We all do! So here's another office organization idea to try, only this one is not custom printed. Consider hiring a virtual assistant to give you a hand if there’s no one available at the office to accomplish them. Virtual assistants can do anything from proofreading your reports to doing the tedious design work for your upcoming presentation to scheduling travel plans and making reservations. Pretty much anything you really shouldn’t be doing yourself. #6: Don’t Let Your Co-Workers Interrupt You Even though your colleagues probably mean well, their chit-chat and interruptions regarding the projects you’re working on can seriously mess up your focus, making it harder for you to get a difficult task done. Set up some kind of system to alert colleagues when you’re unavailable. Whether it’s a do not disturb custom door hanger or earphones that show them you are not to be bothered, make sure to communicate your need for quiet clearly. custom door-hanger We hope these office organization ideas help you be more productive while making your workday a much more pleasant experience. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to kindly leave a comment below. Don't forget to sign up now to get 30% OFF your first order!