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    6 of The Best Thanksgiving Place Cards

    6 of The Best Thanksgiving Place Cards

    The holidays always bring in lots of cheer- good food, good people, general wholesomeness. Sometimes though, some drama might creep in when someone misses their spot at the table. Sibling rivalry is a thing, and printable Thanksgiving place cards are a great solution to manage family tensions. This will solve the issue of two people finding themselves next to each other when they would rather be seated at opposite ends of the table.

    Thanksgiving Place Cards to go With Your Place Cards

    Research done by The Greeting Card Association has found that 70% of card buyers surveyed consider greeting cards “absolutely” or “almost” essential to them. A quick online search of what to write in a Thanksgiving place cards will give you great ideas for personalizing the cards.


    1. Die Cut Leaf Shaped Place Cards

    This has to be at the very top of the list. Fall is simply beautiful, and the main reason is the pretty leaves in different colors. Draw inspiration from this and die-cut your place cards in the shape and color of fall leaves. Alternatively, order some die-cuts of plain leaves or leaf arrangements then stick these on regular shaped cards on which you can write each person's name. This will give your regular cards extra flair.

    I have received similar cards and have also sent out a few and they are always received well. The one that was most notable for me was a birthday card with a teddy bear holding a bunch of flowers. The flowers had three layers of die-cut flowers stuck one on top of the other and as you can imagine, it was quite chunky. Despite this, it was gorgeous when placed on my bookshelf where it stayed for months, becoming a common fixture in my room. You can give someone else this experience by making an event card or thanksgiving place cards in the same way.


    2. Scented Candle Labels as Thanksgiving Place Cards

    You can either buy or make if you are up to the task, candles for each guest. Order a batch of custom labels on which you can print each person's name. You may use different scents for variety and create a Thanksgiving party placeholder that people can carry home. Lavender and cinnamon are popular scents that you can use. Everyone is bound to love this and you will have set a great creative record to boot!


    3. Kraft Thanksgiving Place Cards on Planters

    You can go green by getting your place cards printed on Kraft paper. Environmentally conscious guests will be sure to notice and appreciate this. Take the green experience a notch higher by buying tiny planters with succulents in them. You can then put a kraft thanksgiving place cards on top of each planter for each guest. Since succulents are notoriously hardy, there's a good chance that these little green gifts will thrive in their new homes.


    4. Foldover Place Cards

    These stand-alone place cards eliminate the need for card-holders. If you are planning a Thanksgiving party and don't have the time to come up with elaborate decorations but you need a highlight, goo for foldover thanksgiving place cards. A pretty design and each person's name on the cards is all that is needed. Follow the holiday theme and each guest will know where to sit with no fuss. Minimalism is an aesthetic that lots of people like, so don't be shy about preferring this type of place card over the others.


    5. Bottle Neck Tag Place Cards

    While this place card will call for some extra expenditure, it will be well worth it. You may go for miniature bottles or regular-sized bottles depending on what you can afford. Next, design and order some custom bottle neck tags on which you will print or write each guest's name by hand for a more personal feel. Everyone will feel appreciated and will be completely glad to be a part of your event.


    6. Spice Jar Hang Tag Place Holder

    This final one is going to be a big hit for all the spice lovers on your guest list. It can be as simple or extravagant as you like and the options are as many as there are spices in the world. A glass vial of saffron will leave your guests thrilled and impressed. A small jar of tea mixed spices will find its place on many people's kitchen shelves and will be their go-to when they need an extra edge to their tea.

    You could even use healing blends of herbs and spices for anyone who wants to try out the benefits of natural cures. Simply print out gorgeous hang tags- which can be regular or die-cut shapes, and write each person's name on them then sit back and watch as your Thanksgiving event livens up. Everyone will know where to sit, and as a plus will have a souvenir to take home!


    Thanksgiving place cardholders

    So much talk about cards, so here are two ideas of place that holders you may use:

    Shot-Glass place card

    For an event that will have adults, this can be a great idea. Print out some pretty custom place cards then use a toothpick or cut skewer to balance the card on top of..  a shot glass with your choice of spirit. These thanksgiving placeholders will serve both an aesthetic and refreshing purpose.

    Tiny Pumpkin With Thanksgiving Place Cards

    Another great idea of holders for your place card is getting tiny pumpkins and wedging the place card with a name on each. You can buy real pumpkins if you want to take this theme the whole way, but synthetic ones will work great too. This will be in perfect tandem with Thanksgiving and the bright colors of orange pumpkins will liven things up.


    We hope that these ideas will give you some inspiration for your Thanksgiving. Check out our selection of Thanksgiving place cards prints and you can customize everything as you wish for a great event!