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    6 Interesting Playroom and Vinyl Stickers For Schools

    6 Interesting Playroom and Vinyl Stickers For Schools

    When it comes to children in school, it takes time for them to adjust. Their minds have not yet developed enough to compartmentalize places and situations. Therefore, it is important for schools to build playrooms with child-themed wall vinyl stickers or decals to keep the children engaged and happy even as they learn.

    How much is the global sticker industry worth

    According to Printify, in 2018, the global self-adhesive sticker industry was worth an eye-watering $31.2 billion. This means that it is a growing industry and has very encouraging prospects in future for entrepreneurs.

    Here are some nice sticker examples for school playrooms:

    Kit jungle animals


    Kit jungle animals sticker

    We all know how kids love animals. Many bedtime stories characterize relationships between wild animals that inspire the children while equipping them with vital lessons for life. I will never forget how my mother told me that the rabbit was defeated by the tortoise in a race because he was so over-confident that he slept thinking the tortoise would never catch up. He however overslept to his defeat.

    Wall decals for kids that exemplify these animals further hammer the inspiration and entertainment that children glean from wild animal stories. In their formative stage children need more appealing images to go with the theory they learn. You can include vinyl stickers of jungle animals like lions, elephants and so much more, exemplifying a jungle meeting such as the one in the Lion King film

    Noah’s ark


    Noah's ark sticker

    This famous fable talks about how all species of animals walked into Noah’s ark two by two. It would be very exciting for school children to learn about a majority of the animal species we have in this world including insects, bugs, domestic and wild animals and so much more.

    At 4OVER4 you can get a wide variety of quality kiss cut and die-cut vinyl stickers that bring out the animals and the ark(big boat) with exceptional accuracy and beauty. Teachers can take this opportunity to educate about various animals and also create stories to inspire, admonish or correct children by picking one species a day or every week. You know many times we create fictional stories just to correct children and they're more effective than anything else.

    Lion stickers

    Lion sticker

    A happy lion is like a two-edged sword because you can make the face look like a sunflower. This one majorly applies to kids from age 3-7 who have the propensity to be attracted by colors and animals as they play around.

    Kit 6 butterflies

    Kiss-cut butterfly stickers

    The beauty and splendor of butterflies is unmatched. Without a doubt, little children are the humans who are mesmerized by these graceful creatures. A creative vinyl sticker idea would be to have a set of 6 butterflies printed in descending sizes.

    Descending sizes means a big sticker progressing to a small one in a descending function. These stickers make your wall look like a family of butterflies migrating together as we see in the sky when a murmuration of many birds flies together in the same direction.

    Heroes kit

    Hero sticker

    There are so many children who have heroes they look up to or identify with. Personally, it was always Superman. His red suit and giant ‘S’ on his chest was so exhilarating because it represented strength and boldness.

    These days there are many more heroes who have come up such as Superboy, Robin, Kidflash, Cable, Savage Dragon and so many others who, have been saving the world in their own right. It is pretty easy to have them die-cut for your school. You need to think about the message you want to plaster on the walls so that school kids will always be inspired and entertained.

    4OVER4 has been decorating schools and playrooms for over 20 years and you can rest assured that their quality printing will be a worthwhile investment for your kids or business. With almost unmatched speed in printing and shipping, your best bet to get a bulk order fulfilled is with us. Plus, you can get instant pricing on any shape vinyl stickers you can imagine, and even better, you'll be saving on a good amount of cash with their weekly discount offers.

    Gaming murals

    Gaming sticker

    A beautiful gaming mural on the wall inspires the playful spirit in children. As states that play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Pokemon go, Super Mario, Super scoot are good gaming ideas that can inspire vinyl stickers and decals for your school playrooms.


    Spacecraft sticker

    For many people when they hear about spacecraft space shuttles what immediately comes to mind is the star wars front adhesive vinyl stickers. Astronauts are also an intricate part of space and can feature in your spacecraft sticker decor theme. Did you know that NASA has a build your own spacecraft section on their website where they give kids ideas?

    NASA is a very resourceful center to get spacecraft vinyl stickers idea that will keep the school children inspired to dream and press on towards their goals. Space-themed stickers teach children that there is nothing impossible and that with dedication, you can reach any levels you want.

    Be creative with vinyl stickers

    Don’t let any limitation hold you back from creating a good jovial, excitable environment for school children. There are guides such as how to make vinyl stickers at 4OVER4 which you can follow to get a starting point if you feel clueless.

    With over 2 decades of experience in the printing field, we will listen to your ideas and your needs. We also take the children you’re targeting into account and give you quality vinyl stickers that befit your needs.