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    5 Steps To Creating the Best Dream Team at Work

    5 Steps To Creating the Best Dream Team at Work

    The world isn't perfect, but the dynamic progress made in the last 30 years cannot be denied. Creating a dream team is the key to great progressions. Less than a century ago only 14% of the homes had a bathtub, and only 8% had a telephone. Look at us now - we're no longer surprised by another household invention that saves us both time and energy, or the ambitious plans of Elon Musk to send people to Mars in 2024.  Most of this progress was made because a group of people believed the same idea and worked harder than ever before, to achieve their mutual goals. This year's Labor Day 2020, we celebrate the contribution of workers and laborers that help ensure the prosperity and strength of the nation. We will discuss FIVE steps to putting together a DREAM TEAM with people you work with. Not only will that strategy create a friendly and comfortable environment at your workplace, but it will also help in reaching your company's goals faster, more effectively, and with fewer efforts.

    1. Define Your  Motivation to Make a Dream Team

    No matter how trite it may sound, when it comes to teamwork, many people don't understand where they're going. They communicate with other people "just because they have to”, and miss a fantastic opportunity to develop themselves as leaders and get a promotion or increase their income. Ask yourself, if you were to accomplish only one goal through this collaboration, what would it be? The answer should not include the goal of the project itself. It's what you get AFTER you reach that goal.

    2.    Find Out About The Personal Goals Of Each Member Of The Group

    The most common mistake among employers and managers nowadays is assuming that people can only be motivated by money. That is wrong especially in regards to Millennials - a group of people who were born in 1984 and after. An organizational consultant and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek puts it this way: "They're accused of being entitled and narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused, lazy... But "entitled" is a big one."  Most of the time, your co-workers will not have a clear answer to the question of what it is that they really want. However, it's your job to dig in for the truth and make it a part of your task because after you find their real motivation, you will be able to connect it to the purpose of the project. Remember: people working 9-5 shifts did not create things. Those who were thinking about the idea 24/7 and were obsessed with it did. It's personal goals and ambitions that have been driving the progress in the past century, and the tendency continues.

    3.   Let People Know You're Listening To Them When Creating a Dream Team

    Relationships at the workplace are built on the small things that people share, and the attention of their listeners. Find out about your co-workers' favorite music band, the person they're inspired by, or event they remember throughout the years. Create small reminders for them - a mug or a T-shirt with a motivational quote. It can also be a keychain or a notepad including a team-building logo.  They say the problem with modern communication is that most people listen to respond. By these small actions, you will be able to show your co-workers how you understand and support their views.

    4.   Share Your 1-Year Vision that Fits Your Goal for Dream Team

    The question most people are lying about during an interview is, "Where do you see yourself in the next five years?". Five years is a long run in the modern world that can change in a day. In the era of turbulence, even large companies switched to quarterly planning. This is why the five-year plan doesn't motivate. Just because the goal is too far, and the work is here and now.  But we'll give you a solution for that. Write down the most critical points for motivation for every single person you work with. Find the mutual ground and when the big day for presenting your idea comes, start your speech with "This time, next year..."

    5.  Use a  "We, As a Dream Team!" Approach

    The biggest problem of working in teams is that people gladly share success, but blame each other for the failure. As we mentioned, you should prepare for the bumps on the road, and that includes your dream team members as well. Every member of your team must know that others are dependent on him, and vice versa. As strange as it might sound, even the group hymn or logo placed on a corporate notepad, will be cute reminders that they are not alone in this corporate battlefield. People need reminders.  In a nation of people who work more hours and take less vacation than other western countries, having the last summer party is much needed. On this Labor Day, we at 4OVER4 wish you rapid growth of your business, working with purpose and of course never forget that being a successful professional and entrepreneur all starts with your employees because, without them, your business success won't be possible.