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    5 Productivity Tips Every Entrepreneur Must Know

    5 Productivity Tips Every Entrepreneur Must Know
    Too many tasks, not enough time and people making demands, all with conflicting agendas. Does this sound familiar? Two decades ago, at the dawn of the electronic era, many were prophesying that more technology would let us enjoy the finer things in our lives. These predictions were dead wrong! Given email, smartphones in addition to colleagues in different time zones, many entrepreneurs are spending much more time at work than ever before. People in management and leadership positions like CEOs seem to be particularly squeezed. Wondering how you can complete all of your daily tasks and still have time to relax? We can help! Here are ten productivity tips every entrepreneur must know. Perhaps these clever approaches help you turn down the dial on overwhelm!

    Try These Productivity Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

    Tip #1: Get Rid of Productivity Blockers What is frustrating you? It’s the small things that waste the most time. The good news is that identifying productivity blockers is the first step to getting rid of them. For every busy entrepreneur, social media apps and email are major time suckers. The average worker spends a third of their week handling their inbox. To make your life easier, we suggest sorting every email into a folder (end-of-day, personal and end-of-week) so you can get to it later. Tame that email beast! productivity tips Tip #2: Plan Ahead by Writing Down Your Goals the Night Before Between going through your calendar and getting coffee, your day can be gone before you even notice! Start your day with an actionable goal, setting yourself up for success by writing it down the night before. This will help determine what major task you’ll need to accomplish once you start your day. Just make a shortlist on custom notepads or post-Its that say what exactly you’ll be doing the next day before going to bed. This way, you’ll show up prepared and no time will be wasted! productivity notepad Tip #3: Cut Out Meetings Do you hate meetings? We all do! As a matter of fact, unproductive meetings that don’t stay on topic are a huge pet peeve. As part of our productivity tips, we recommend setting meetings with clear outcome goals, one direction and just invite staff members who must be there. Before you call a meeting, analyze its agenda. Can it be settled in a group email or short phone call? Appoint a reliable person to keep watch of time if you must meet face to face. productivity meetings Tip #4: Prioritize Your Goals After you’ve written down your goals and set the ones that must be accomplished on that day, then you must prioritize your goals. After all, time is one of the world’s most precious commodities. When running out of time, select the five tasks that are most relevant and focus all your and your team’s energy on completing those. Only when those are crossed off the list, at last, you may attack the next five tasks. This way, you’ll surely get back on track! productivity tip Tip #5: Don’t Multitask Do you multitask in the workplace? It’s not recommendable. The quality of the work you are putting into every task suffers whenever your focus is pulled in a variety of directions. It’s imperative that you step back and prioritize – not every task requires the same amount of mental energy. This way, you’ll effectively go up through your To-Do list focusing on one task at a time. Running out of time? Plan ahead and delegate some tasks. Planning impacts your productivity in so many ways! multitasking

    Your Turn to be Productive

    We hope this information comes in handy, making your lives easier. Besides following these useful tips, the best thing you can do for your business is always have a positive attitude – that will set an example for your team members and colleagues. No matter what kind of challenges or difficulties arises in the workplace, having fun is the real key to being creative, engaged…and super productive! Which of these productivity tips did you find to be the most useful for entrepreneurs? Which one has proven to be effective in the past? We’d love to hear your thoughts and insights. Please feel free to kindly leave a comment below.