5 Logos Redesigned in 2013- from the Oscars to Dropbox

  • BY Emma Davis
  • Jan 27, 2014
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5 Logos Redesigned in 2013- from the Oscars to Dropbox
When you own a company or business the first thing you want  for people to buy your products or services, is brand recognition. This can only be achieved through branding, and which better way to do that than with a logo that represents you. Once people can identify your company by only looking at your logo, you know you’ve made it. But how can you stay relevant and updated, without losing your identity? This is possible with the help of a logo redesign. It may seem hard to change your image (and expensive too), but most people see it as "refreshing the image", and most successful redesigns always keep the main idea before the original adding some contemporary trends that can achieve that goal. Here are some of the best logo redesigns of 2013 so you can take into consideration if you’re thinking of changing your business’ logo.

 1. Motorola

Motorola was once the industry favorite, their Razr model used to be the “it” phone everyone needed to have to look cool, but as new technologies and companies emerged they got left behind. This is why after being purchased by Google, they decided to do a makeover to their logo to fit the rest of the “g” family, using a wide variety of colors (as the ones you can find in Google play, drive and their other services) but in metallic shades. They kept the main “M” as originally created, but now the filling of the circle is white and also the font was changed to a simpler version using lower case letters instead of the original all caps.

2. American Airlines

The logo of this major company was so emblematic that its redesign is making everyone talk. Its original version was created in 1960 with two “A’s” in capital bold letters and an eagle in the top middle of these two letters. But after a merge of US Airways and American Airlines and a recent poll to their employees, who helped chose the new logo, they decided to move to this other design. The winner logo is a very modern flying figure that represents both the eagle and the wings of airplanes, in red, white and blue, with what could be considered as the head of the eagle also shaped as a more stylized “A” letter.

3. Google

Originally they said this wasn't a redesign and they were only doing it so their logo could be shown properly on printed versions and small screens, but after a little while they started displaying the new version only and leaving behind the old one. Though it seems like it almost didn’t change, if you look closely you’ll see that google actually decided to follow the flat style design to refresh their look. They kept the same colors and font, but tossed the glossy finish that once adorned these letters.

4. Dropbox

After releasing their iOS 7, they decided to accompany it with a logo redesign. This new version moves away from the gradient color palette to a more classic and trendy flat style design that allows a better and more practical use of its components.

5. The Academy Awards

The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Science has been mostly recognized by its award the “Oscars” which was the main idea behind their logo, but now they’re going after a concept that represents both the academy and the award with a new redesign. The creative agency 180LA was in charge of the changes made to the iconic award ceremony’s logo. The new design presents a golden letter A and its filling was created using the statue of  “The Oscar”, giving the spotlight to the coveted award. Most people may think after reading this blog post, that redesign is something only major brands and companies can afford, but there are simple ways to make your stocked items and products show your new image, using logo stickers and placing them on top your old design it's a great and cheap way for those who can't afford replacing all their stock at once. Are you considering to redesign your logo in 2014? Show us and let us know your experience.