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    5 Innovative Eco-Friendly Business Cards

    5 Innovative Eco-Friendly Business Cards

    The digital age is here with us and has been for a while. And now that the novelty of most innovations has worn off, people are starting to realize that the earth needs our thoughtfulness. Most firms and corporations understand that in order to thrive, we have to give back to the environment in our daily activities. This includes marketing and materials we use to market.

    Because there is something that every one of us can do to stay environmentally conscious, we need to always be on the lookout for the things we can do in a different manner to make great environmental choices. This includes business card printing and all other branded material printing. Today we will look at 5 innovative eco-friendly business cards in 2020, and hopefully we will motivate you to go green as well (if you haven't already!)

    1- Multi-purpose Business Cards

    This one is as open to execution as your imagination goes. I once received a custom business card by a private detective that had a hole to one side which was fitted with a small budget magnifying material. It was pretty functional because you could magnify objects with it to some degree, although a low degree. The low degree of magnification is important to note because had it been higher, it could potentially set accidental fires if placed haphazardly. The makers of this card must have taken this into consideration because it was more aesthetic than it was functional.

    You could however still use these cards to magnify a splinter in your finger for easier removal. The metaphorical implication of the magnifying glass was obvious- the detective closely examines leads. While I was not in need of a private detective’s services at the time, I held on to this card because I could see immediate practical uses for it. This reason is the same one that sees the majority of business cards tossed out before use- because the recipient does not have use for it at the time. Some months later I was in a conversation with a friend who mentioned that they were in need of a detective and I seized this moment.

    Obviously, I shared the detective’s number but held on to the card because it had grown on me and this way, everybody got what they needed! You can see from this narration that a spectacular multiple-use card will not easily get discarded. This means less waste goes in the bins at the end of the day.



    2- Business Cards from Recycled Material

    Kraft paper is really growing in popularity and this is no accident. Recycled and functional, you save the environment while getting your name out there. There are many different types of recycled material that one may use; examples are cotton, banana pulp, and plastic. While some of these may be a bit pricey, you may consider the extra price a cost you are paying for a green environment.

    Business cards from recycled material may have coloration that is a bit harder to work with. Hues of brown or green are common, and so you need to put this in consideration when coming up with branding. You can add a custom accessory such as a business card holder for men if you want to be even more unique.

    3- Business Cards That Leave A Minimal Carbon Footprint in Their Production

    These are any cards whose creation is minimally obtrusive to the environment. They include some of the above examples of cotton and banana paper. You can also include handmade business cards; those that are recycled and processed purely by hand. If you are up to the task you can actually make your own business cards. Simply do an internet search on how to design a business card to get some great ideas. Obviously, this means that no machines using fuel like petroleum and diesel among others have been employed. This way, there are no harmful emissions and the waste produced is manageable and cannot be extremely corrosive.

    5 Innovative Eco-Friendly Business Cards


    4- Business Cards That Sprout

    You read that right- you can have a business card that you can plant. Even if you toss it out somewhere, it will germinate given the right conditions like moisture and air. This is of course not meant to encourage littering but is a great consideration in environmental consciousness. The method used in their creation is an ingenious one whereby fertile seeds are infused into mostly decomposable paper stock. This way, you could strategically place one of these business cards and grow something nice from it. Talking about eco-friendly business cards, this one is very proactive and goes a step further to actually add the green in our environment!

    5- Recyclable Business Cards

    We have been talking about these above, but this is not a repetition. This is actually making business cards that can easily be recycled without taxing the environment. They include those made using minimal coats of gloss and those printed with environmentally friendly ink. You may even go a step further and make the business cards totally food grade so that if animals were to consume them (accidentally or intentionally), they would not be poisoned.

    5 Innovative Eco-Friendly Business Cards

    There is no shortage of information on the internet concerning eco-friendly business cards. If you are starting to feel as though they are not too important to factor, remember that a survey conducted by Statistic Brain Research Institute in 2016 stated that 57% of businesspeople claim having a card is essential to their business. This should be enough to push you out of that comfort zone of having plain and unimaginative business cards.

    With this list, you can count yourself informed in the best methods of helping save the environment while marketing your business. It is clear to see that efficiency does not have to be compromised when you go green, and neither does creativity. If anything, you stand to have an extra edge when you employ innovative eco-friendly business cards in 2020!