4over4.com Celebrates Silver and Broze Winners of the Contest “Leave Your Print in The World”

Winners Katie Wilis and Isaiah Tanenbaum Take Home Special Discounts

4over4.com held a contest for its Facebook Community, asking fans create a poster and share how they “Leave a Print on the World”. The first place winner Pepe Alvarado was awarded with the top spot and an iPad, while Katie Willis, second place, and Isaiah Tanenbaum, third place, respectively won 40% and 30% discounts on all prints. All poster entries were beautiful, captivating, messages of love and green activism that proved just how much a single action makes a difference.  One of our favorite entries was a poster designed by a dedicated fan Katie Willis who likes to compost food scraps. Her choice of earthy colors, the simplicity of the layout and her thoughtful input make this a winning design: it highlights the motivators to start composting, or doing anything green and planet-loving really, to -

Win Points With Your Buddies, Your Wallet, Your Planet, Your Soul.

Now if those are not reasons enough to start composting, we don’t know what could be! The artist behind this outstanding poster is an associated designer at www.ArtistUpgrade.com, a NYC based design studio focused on highly customized professional websites and print materials for creative dudes and dudettes, entrepreneurs  and other small businesses who like to showcase exactly who they are (and make a business out of it). Their unique style is mixture of  fun and serious, diverse and straight-forward; juts like dear old Katie! This lady has been fire-staring projects in the drama and design departments for a long time and she actually started her successful design career with a poster. Make sure you visit www.artistupgrade.com, hang with them on Facebook or tweet  @katiewillisnyc to show your love for all things green, design and cool people!

We dubbed her Silver Soul, but we had a man with a proposal as Solid as Bronze:

Meanwhile, Isaiah Tanenbaum hit the mark with his infographic-like poster: direct, concise and oh-so-web 2.0 we can see this remarkable piece hanging in any office space in the country -regardless of their style or nature! “5 Reasons I Use Rechargeable Batteries and You Should Too” is a perfect addition to corporate, or home, philosophy: it speaks of high production levels, with reduced environmental impact and with significant savings. The poster was chosen because it proves you can leave a print on the world; a print that’s 28 times less harmful to our beloved planet earth just by using batteries you can recharge, than when you use ones that don’t. Isaiah is a camera-man specialized in Theatrical Photography… intrigued?  That’s because you should be. Check out his impressive portfolio , off-beat style and bookmark him for any future pic-related-needs! (we now we will) Show our Bronze Soldier your appreciation right on Isaiah’s Professional Facebook page and stayed tuned for his soon-to-be all kinds of awesome website:  www.isaiahtpd.info Congratulations poster entries, our first place winner and last featured post, Katie Willis and Isaiah Tanenbaum ! Thanks to everyone who participated! If you want to learn more about our contest, the winners and the amazing posters brought to us by the amazing 4over4.com community, stay tuned for more updates on the winners and entries right here or visit the 4over4.com Facebook Fan Page –Like it and Join!

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