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    15 Essential Holiday Brushes for Photoshop for FREE

    15 Essential Holiday Brushes for Photoshop for FREE

    Need your graphics to pop with Holiday cheer? If you’re looking for festive free PSD holiday brushes to give your designs sparkle, you’re in luck. We’ve selected some of our favorites. We hope they inspire your creativity and infuse you with holiday spirit!

    Whether you are working on a client’s end-of-year sale campaign or designing seasonal promotional t shirts, holiday Photoshop brushes can transform average designs into winter wonderland extravaganzas! And if you're not desiging professionally, Holiday PSD brushes are perfect for adding an attractive border to a Christmas party invitation, a Secret Santa gift or even enhancing your site's or social media avatar. From snowflakes to snowmen, wreaths, Christmas trees, Menorahs and sleighs, our selection of free holiday brushes are essential tools for any graphic artist. Choose a holiday Photoshop brush set that best expresses the essence of the message you are conveying. Also did we mention Free and ready to download? Check them out below:

    1. Merry Christmas


    2. Vintage Christmas

    Vintage Christmas Brushes

    3. Snowflakes


    4. Christmas text


    5. All that Glitters


    6. Nightmare before Christmas


    7. Gift Boxes

    8. Christmas Handmade Brushes

    9. Christmas Text Brushes

    10. Celestial


    11. Christmas Vector Brushes


    12. Holiday Christmas and Hanukkah Brushes


    13. Christmas Cheer Brushes


    14. Pine Brushes


    15. Star Clip Art Brushes


    Every designer needs an arsenal of holiday brushes for their portfolio. Keep these at hand during the winter season to embellish your Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s marketing materials. Your clients will be sure to love them.

    Let us know which are your favorites below! We love the stars; they embody hope for better things in the New Year.