10 World Kindness Day Postcard Ideas You’ll Want to Print

  • BY Emma Davis
  • Nov 13, 2017
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10 World Kindness Day Postcard Ideas You’ll Want to Print

Can random acts of kindness give us something in return? Studies have shown that we feel happier when we perform acts of kindness – for our students, family members, friends, coworkers, strangers and pretty much anyone. Being kind is a win-win situation, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Not only does kindness have positive effects on the brain, it can actually help you live longer. For example, giving up your seat on the bus to a senior citizen, acknowledging someone with a heartwarming smile, or giving food to a homeless person can make a lasting impact on your life.

Include kindness as part of your life’s philosophy while building better relationships. This is a surefire way to add a dose of joy to your life. When you’re kind, you will put a smile on someone’s face and ultimately make the world a better place. No exaggeration.

Celebrate World Kindness Day With These Postcard Ideas

While it’s good to choose kindness all year round, it’s nice to have one day reserved as a reminder. World Kindness Day began in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement. Every year since then, November 13th has been celebrated as World Kindness Day.

We want to help everyone get in the spirit! We’ve gathered 10 quotes to further the world kindness movement. Here’s a look at these ideas:

#1. Kindness is like a boomerang - it returns back to you!


#2. Be kind to every single person you meet


#3. The best things in life are free



#4. Your smile can make someone's day



#5 Be kind for no reason



#6 Kindness is the door to the heart



#7 Kindness is contagious



#8 One small act of kindness can make a big difference



#9 Carry out an act of kindness every day



#10  A kind word can heal someone’s soul


To start, be kind to yourself and then spread it out like butter! See yourself as the person you’d like to share your time with. Celebrate this and other holidays using high quality and cost effective postcards designs and postcard printing. 

Practice kindness regularly and make it a habit, and see for yourself the positive effects on your mental health. Do a random act of kindness today and pass it on!

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