10 Reasons Bumper Stickers Are Awesome

Way before there were Facebook statuses, there were bumper stickers!

We all like to communicate and add a bit of our personalities to the things we own. Cars are no exception of it, after all, there’s not so much to be done in terms of customizing the exterior of your car. At least not very affordable options, but bumper sticker printing is easy, inexpensive and eye catching. So why not give it a try? Your message can be funny, informative, cute, edgy or inspirational. Custom bumper stickers give you full creative freedom to tell the world (or the driver behind you) whatever you want to say. In fact, here are 10 reasons why bumper stickers are just awesome to us.

1. They help you keep car distance

Not that you wouldn’t keep a safe distance while driving or anything. But it’s always good to have a reminder of that much needed precaution. Next time you get too close have this in mind ‘Hill + Manual Transmission’... just back off a little.


2. They Promote Your Business

Give a great sticker out, have unlimited exposure anywhere they drive. It has to be done right though, a bumper sticker is not the greatest idea for a temporary promotion. Remember you will have no control on that message after the stickers are handed out. Try with a simple logo design or a consistent slogan.

bumper sticker printing 2

3. They show your beliefs

Let everyone know of your beliefs with a bumper sticker. We have seen designs about religion, science, politics, brands or eating habits. Just make sure you feel strong enough about the matter to avoid having to cover that sticker in a near future.

bumper sticker printing 3

4. They seek cause support

This goes beyond sharing your beliefs, it’s more about promoting non-profit organizations and other social causes. Displaying a website or organization name can make the driver behind you get curious and research it later. Which can end up in a donation or a new cause supporter.

bumper sticker printing

5. They’re informative

Bumper stickers can also be used as informative messages of the car’s occupants. For instance, if you know the person driving in front of you is a student driver or senior citizen, you’ll know to be careful or provide help if needed.

bumper sticker printing 5

6. They identify your car

Imagine yourself on a huge parking lot where at least 10 cars look just like yours. You probably look at your license plate or at that blue cap you left inthe back seat. But more often than you would think, people confuse their own car or the one that is supposed to pick them up. A distinctive bumper sticker helps you easily identify a car and minimize the chances for you or your family members to jump into someone else’s car, trust us, it has happened before.


7. They are creative presents

We all have been on that situation when you just can’t think of a good present for that picky friend. Most of the time a creative present makes more of an impact than a very expensive one. Think of a phrase that your friend would like and get it on a custom bumper sticker. It’ll show you actually thought of the person and what gift they would enjoy.

bumper sticker printing 7

8. They are affordable promotional material

When going to a trade show or commercial areas, each exhibitor or store will have marketing material to get customers’ attention. Bumper stickers are more appealing than business cards or flyers, because they can actually be used. Hand your stickers out or use them as prices for your existing and potential customers. This will give people something to remember you by and will give you unlimited exposure.

bumper sticker printing 8

9. They make people think

Displaying interesting phrases make people think about their meaning. Epiphanies and defining moments come from the most unexpected motives. Who knows? Your bumper sticker could cause an inner change to its reader.

bumper sticker printing 9

10. They make people smile

Whenever stuck in traffic, anything works as a distraction. Reading funny stickers will provide drivers with entertaining moments that will take someone off their daily routine.

Bumper Sticker Printing 10

Get creative and use your bumper sticker to tell your thoughts to people around you. After all, it is not a tattoo, you can simply remove it or cover it with a new one. Spread the joy!

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