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    10 Products for Your Nonprofit Print Marketing Campaign

    10 Products for Your Nonprofit Print Marketing Campaign

    By now, you have probably witnessed at least a case where social media platforms have succeeded in nonprofit marketing. But believe it or not, some people don’t use any social media networking platforms at all! In some cases, your potential donors may react better to print media. The most successful nonprofit organizations should never underestimate the power of offline marketing campaigns.

    Raising Funds: The Power of Nonprofit Print Marketing

    We've got news for you: old-school marketing channels still rock! Not only do print materials help you win supporters to your cause, but they can also dramatically increase donations and memberships. Planning your campaign with some of these features can be extremely beneficial. Email marketing can be great, but something you can physically hand potential customers can be even better. Need some print marketing ideas for your NPO? Here are some of our favorites:


    An inexpensive way to stay in touch with your supporters. They are often used to send a warm “thank you for your support” as well as “we need your help to make it possible.” Regardless of your purpose, you need to deliver a compelling message with a persuasive call to action to make a significant impact.


    One of the most useful yet versatile marketing tools. They combine visuals with text, allowing you to provide your supporters with detailed information on your funding, graphics or pictures of your latest fundraising event. Make sure it speaks to your audience and conveys your message effectively.

    Business Cards

    Spread the word about your cause without going over budget. These must-haves are perfect to hand to your existing donors, people you meet at fundraising events and volunteers who can support your mission. The great thing about business cards is that recipients will keep your card in their wallet and whenever they feel generous, they will get back to you.


    The great thing about calendars is that almost everyone needs them. A custom calendar will remind your supporters about your nonprofit throughout the year. For more significant impact, feature pictures of people, places, animals, or things that relate to your cause.


    Catalogs give you enough space to tell your brand’s story and feature every one of the benefits of giving to a nonprofit organization. Catalogs are great vehicles to boost donations and spread your mission. Hint: create holiday gift catalogs for educational as well as fundraising purposes.

    Event Tickets

    They help you build buzz for your event. Make your ticket design stand out, so your recipients show them off to others. Visually-appealing event tickets get people excited about your fundraising event.


    This handy format builds awareness of your charity in the community while raising the much-needed funds. Custom stickers are incredibly inexpensive and effective. Print a bunch of stickers with your logo, a powerful message or clear call to action and hand them out at all of your events or use them as incentives.

    Greeting Cards

    Perfect for maintaining a good relationship with your donors. Reach out to your donors during special occasions to show your appreciation and gratitude for their support. Remember that holiday programs can raise a ton of money for your nonprofit.


    Wonderful to promote your cause uniquely. They have popularly used in athletic events as well as fundraising campaigns. When it comes to customizing your t-shirts, remember that creativity is critical to get your audience involved. Encourage supporters to take pictures with your custom t-shirts and upload them to social media.

    Print Envelopes

    Make your mail stand out from the crowd with custom envelopes. Not only do you maximize your brand awareness, but you also keep your nonprofit stay top of mind.

    Choose the Marketing Material That Best Suits Your Nonprofit Organization

    Print marketing remains highly effective, especially when it comes to asking for donations. Choose the marketing channels that best work for your audience and meet the goals of your charitable organization. Whether you are looking to increase sales or reach your campaign goals, 4OVER4.COM's products and services are perfect for you! If you’re ready to customize your print materials, head over to the 4OVER4.COM online catalog and pick the right marketing tool for your nonprofit. Which of the materials featured above will you implement in your marketing arsenal? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and don’t be afraid to ask us any questions concerning printing.