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    What Are the Best Corporate Gifts: Gift Ideas for Small Businesses

    What Are the Best Corporate Gifts: Gift Ideas for Small Businesses

    What Are the Best Corporate Gifts: Gift Ideas for Small Businesses

    One of the cultures that will never lose its taste is that of gifting. It’s a tradition that creates a sense of obligation. And one thing with tradition – it’s not easy to break.

    Corporations, too, have adopted this culture. Research by Forbes showed that approximately 60% of corporate gifts are spent on partners and clients outside the organization, while 40% is spent internally - on employees.

    Corporate gifts are any present an organization bestows to its employees, partners, or clients. It is widely used to strengthen relationships and build new ones.

    As this is a culture that happens annually, semi-annually, or quarterly within an organization, businesses have sought effective ways to build and sustain it by using gift cards.

    So, what is a corporate gift card? This is a prepaid debit card that’s loaded with a specific amount for purchase at particular stores.

    Let’s look at why is corporate gifting important


    Benefits of Corporate Gifting

    Corporate gifting holds different relevance both to your staff and clients.

    Let’s look at why it’s important to your employees

    • Boost work morale: If we are completely honest, corporations gift their employees to show gratitude for their service and the value they bring to the table. This, in turn, boosts their morale as they feel appreciated and recognized. After all, who doesn’t like a “well done” present for the labor and time they invest into a company?

    • Creates a sense of belonging: As humans, we naturally gravitate towards where we mostly feel at home. This art of corporate gifting creates a ”we feeling” that makes the employees feel part of the company and not just its workforce.

    • Motivated employees = increase in profits: As your staff gives off themselves because they perceive they are under better management, they work extra hard to bring an accomplishment of your organization’s goals.

    • Promotes cooperation and builds social connections.

    For your prospects,

    • It’s a means you can use to attract new investors into your business. Gifting creates awareness of your brand to potential clients, therefore, buying them into your brand.

    • It communicates value to them. In comparison to a call, gifting adds the icing to the cake. And like a good icing, it wins them over and converts them from prospects to clients.

    For your clients,

    • It’s a means to strengthen your relationship.

    • Gifting your clients is key for their retention as it shows you value them and go the extra mile to appreciate them.

    • Cultivates brand loyalty and its longevity.

    Considering the importance of corporate gifting to your overall brand, we, therefore, need to consider what are good corporate gifts?

    One thing that is noteworthy about gifting is that you should give gifts that your customers, employees, and prospects would appreciate. Not something they won’t consider giving a second glance.

    What makes an excellent corporate gift is one that captures the heart of their interest. Collecting data on their tastes and preferences based on their interaction with your company is vital in giving a desirable gift. Here is where you place your ear on the ground.

    Tips for Effective Corporate Gifting

    What are the best corporate gifts? This is not one shoe fits all kind of answer. But here are some tips that will help you get that perfect present.

    Make it personalized. Some of the best presents given are those that offer a personal touch. Personalizing your gifting is one of the ways to cause your gift to stand out and get appreciated by your recipient.

    Add a hand-written note to your gift with a personalized message. And If you know the name of your recipient, even better. Statistics from Instapage show that 80% of customers are willing to engage with a company that offers personalized products. So why not leverage this and add that personal feel to your gifting?

    Go for direct corporate gift ideas. Here’s where you get creative with your giving. For example, if one of your partners recently got promoted, you can give them a book that helps them develop capacity in the new role.

    At 4OVER4, we offer a diverse range of items you can incorporate into your giving.

    Some Gift Ideas for Small Businesses

    • Personalized mugs, bags, postcards, etc.: Personalizing is a trend that never goes out of fashion. Get your employees, prospects, or clients a magic mug, personalized thermos for their trip, etc.
    • Watches: One of the best and most luxurious ways of gifting would be watches. Either a wall clock or a wristwatch. We all feel we need an extra 24 hours in a day. The work that needs to get done keeps piling up, and we only have so much time. The gifting of watches can be a good way to help your recipients both internally and externally manage time effectively.
    • Offering discounts on specific items or free goods with every purchase: Clients feel appreciated when given certain discounts on items and adding a free item that’s needful. However, don’t give away something that does not communicate value.
    • Get them a swag gift: What is a swag gift? These are promotional merchandise branded with a company’s logo and slogan. They serve as an appealing presentation to both your staff and clients. And not only that, but it also fosters brand identity. The beauty is that it can be customized. For example, get a hooded sweatshirt or t-shirt and print them with your logo and a message. These items serve as a good promotional tool for events.
    • Tech products: These are products that enhance the employees’ effectiveness and overall performance. It can be giving off a laptop, USB cable, smartphone, etc.
    • Sweets and chocolates: These are universal giveaways cherished by everyone. They make one relax and be in a bubble forgetting their problems for a while to savor the moment. While the majority use them as personal presents, they can also be used corporately. The gifting of premium sweets and chocolates to employees has been on the rise. Also, they are gifted to clients and prospects during promotional events. When you close a deal with your client, sweets and chocolates serve as good presents to crown the deal.
    • Utility items for use at home: This idea is one that has a guaranteed reception. The need for household equipment is never-ending. Surprise your employees and clients with gadgets that will ease their household chores or cutlery, glassware they can use as their hosting guests, etc. The list is endless.
    • Notebooks and pens: This gifting idea works especially for New Year’s giving. And the combination of the two is desirable. You can customize your notebooks and books with your brand logo.
    • Gift cards and retail vouchers: We wouldn’t end our list without listing this common but great corporate gifting idea. What is a corporate gift card? Everyone loves the idea of shopping at discounted prices or even for free for a certain amount.
    • Holiday trip: At the end of every year, the holidays beckon, and guess what! The rate of traveling goes on a rise as individuals want to relax from the long year’s work. This gifting idea works like a gem that corporates can bank on to give their employees as a reward system or their clients.

    Therefore, worry not about what is the best gift for customers; these ideas set you up on the right road to acquire a product that will be appreciated and embraced by your recipients. Also, you can study your customers to know the specific presents that communicate value to them.

    So, who buys corporate gifts? Naturally, organizations pour in plenty of resources to acquire worthwhile presents that appeal to their audience; their employees, clients, and prospects.

    Here are some useful tips on how to promote corporate gifts.

    • Base your gifting on items that are needful to your audience in their day-to-day lives. This boosts your brand awareness as it communicates value. A present that is not useful is like giving a farmer a broken farm tool.

    • Offer items that are unique to your corporation. This means that when your gifting is compared to that of your competitor, it’s entirely different.

    • Remember the why of your gifting. This goes a long way in creating that spark that goes with the process. It will also not be tasking, but in every gifting, new ideas will be developed on how best to bring a smile to your employees and clients.

    At 4OVER4, we are not limited with options you can consider for your giving. Order items from 4OVER4.COM relevant to your recipients. We also offer customization for your products; therefore, there is no occasion for you to get stranded. So, get your presents today at 4OVER4!

    Remember, for every purchase, you will be rewarded with 4OVER4 rewards coins in your My Influence dashboard. My Influence Rewards is a one-of-a-kind Rewards Program that allows you to earn 4OVER4 rewards coins without spending a dime! You can redeem the coins for our products or services, 200 free business cards, or cool gift cards from other websites.