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    10 Great Careers for Creative People (+Business Cards Ideas)

    10 Great Careers for Creative People (+Business Cards Ideas)

    Do you consider yourself a creative? There are many career paths to take that would fall into the creative professional realm. From intellectual to crafty job avenues, there will be something you'll excel at and it's just a matter of getting you started. Take a look at these 10 creative jobs for creative people where you could exploit that artistic side of yours:

    #1 Makeup Artist

    Makeup artists have many fields where they can develop and show their talents. You can work as a professional or an assistant makeup artist in a beauty salon and have your own workstation. There are also TV and film makeup positions that require another set of talents and abilities to work according to the lightning, and there is special FX makeup for which you would need to study and specialize in. This business card idea not only features your important contact information for bookings, but also features a face design to highlight and focus on the key services you can provide. Potential clients can recognize this creative business card and view you as a great option.
    10 Great Careers for Creative People (+Business Cards Ideas)

    #2 Photographer

    As a photographer, you can also choose the area of expertise you'd like to work at. There are many options, from celebrations and wedding photos, corporate events, artistic photography, marketing and advertising, to photography director in films and TV. To be a professional photographer you usually need to study a career, but some people develop an interest in photography at an early age and start practicing with amateur equipment until they can get a hold on professional cameras and other tools, which means that you won't necessarily need a degree. In this business card design you have the opportunity to express your creative mind. With 4OVER4's printing techniques you can make sure that the camera is the point of interest on your card.
    10 Great Careers for Creative People (+Business Cards Ideas)

    #3 Interior Designer

    If you're looking for careers for creative people, interior design is definitely one of the top 10. You can have the freedom to work independently as a freelancer or at a design firm. Most interior designers specialize in a category, such as home, businesses, corporations, landscaping or even window displays. This gives you a wide range of services you can cover, depending on your preferences in design trends.
    10 Great Careers for Creative People (+Business Cards Ideas)

    #4 Multimedia Artist and Animator

    If you are a talented drawer and are interested in a career in the media, this is ideal for you. As a multimedia artist, your job will consist in creating characters and making them come to life frame by frame. You'll have to create concepts and animations for films, commercials, and TV. It's a lot of work, but it can be incredibly rewarding.
    10 Great Careers for Creative People (+Business Cards Ideas)

    #5 Video Games Developer

    If you dream of making video games for a living, this is the career for you, but it's not all fun and games. If you mean business, to become a professional developer, you need to get a degree and have skills with design software and computers, because you'll be expending most of your time there. You'll also need to be very creative and constantly updated in the new design trends, as well as game tendencies in the market, to know what sells and the demands of different target audiences.
    10 Great Careers for Creative People (+Business Cards Ideas)

    #6 Fashion Designer

    If you dream of having your own clothing line and love to make your own clothes from scrap, then you'll probably want to check out some fashion design schools. Fashion designers need to be able to create unique clothes and new trends, but you'll also need to be able to confection your own pieces to put together your designs. As a fashion designer, you can also work for other design houses, have your own studio, as a consultant for clothing lines or you can also be a stylist for celebrities or distinguished people.
    10 Great Careers for Creative People (+Business Cards Ideas)

    #7 Art Director

    An art director is the one who directs all sorts of art publications, such as newspapers, magazines or any other media. You'll need to be able to create concepts and lead your team in the process from inception to completion, usually, graphic designers occupy this senior position. Think of yourself as a curator of what goes where in digital or printed media, and how to present it to an audience.
    10 Great Careers for Creative People (+Business Cards Ideas)

    #8 Architect

    Designing majestic buildings, creating exceptional homes or museums that can be considered works of art, that's part of this job description. Architects need to include functionality in their designs, this represents a real challenge when it comes to bringing their vision to the real world because they have a unique way to see the world in ways the rest of us can't. If you're up for the challenge and consider yourself a creative person, then architecture is the profession for you.
    10 Great Careers for Creative People (+Business Cards Ideas)

    #9 Graphic Designer

    Graphic designers have many fields of expertise. Nowadays, you can become a movie poster graphic design specialist and base your whole career on it. That's why as a graphic designer you can exploit your unique talents in whichever discipline you choose because there's growing demand for it.
    10 Great Careers for Creative People (+Business Cards Ideas)

    #10 Writer

    As a writer, you're not only bound to make a best seller, you can also opt for many other branches of this creative profession. You can work as a copywriter to start making your own name. Additionally, there are many digital and print publications where you can specialize and serve as a journalist, write TV and movie scripts, or even get your own column or blog.
    10 Great Careers for Creative People (+Business Cards Ideas)

    Careers for Creative People: Find Your Passion!

    Now it's your turn to grow within your field and develop a career you really love. There is always room for the creative, you just have to find that edge that will set you apart. If you're already in one of these professions, fresh out of college or ready to make a career turn, take a look at our previous post on how to market yourself out of college.