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CNR Medical Billing LLC

  • 15626686020Unverified phone number
  • https://www.cnrmedicalbilling.comUnverified Website
  • 1 - 10
  • 3400 Cottage Way suite g2, Sacramento, CA, USA

About CNR Medical Billing LLC

CNR Medical Billing LLC is a family-owned limited liability company in California, that provides medical billing and coding services to healthcare providers. It was created in Los Angeles, California in December of 2023. The company, owned by Gladys Binafegha, Victoria Broussard, and Nicholas Broussard, has extensive experience in the field, with Gladys, the Senior Partner having 25 years of experience at handling significant contracts, including those from the Department of Mental Health working as a Medicare Specialist for the Southern California Health and Rehabilitation Program (SCHARP). Victoria Broussard, Managing Partner, has her certification in computerized medical billing and medical coding from Providence College Inc., where she also served as the Director of Human Resources. She has an extensive background in behavioral therapy with a master's in psychology, with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). She worked as a behavioral therapist for over six years serving the ASD community school-age population in LAUSD schools. Nicholas Broussard, non-medical background, is a successful fitness trainer and exceptionally innovative and strategic marketing expert who consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of consumer behavior and market trends. His role in the company serves to obtain prospective clients. All members own 33% of the company each.