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Annis Travels

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  • Fort Cavazos, Fort Cavazos, TX, USA

About Annis Travels

My name is Brianna Annis, and I'm the owner of Annis Travels. I’m credentialed under Archer Travel Group as a travel agent and love my job! There can be a barrier when it comes to a family trying to go on vacation but that's what I'm here for. My job is to fill that gap between you and your dream vacation so there's smooth sailing from start to finish!

                Many people think they can’t travel while young and decide to wait until they’re older, but the future is never promised. Here at Annis Travels, we have a wide range of options for any traveler; whether solo or group traveling. This can include hotel/flight/rental cars, all-inclusive suites, international travel, cruises, etc. We also book other types of events like concerts, sports events, church missions and more. If interested please feel free to call, email or fly to my webpage to get a quote or any questions answered.